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Charles Ditto

In Human Terms

    In the mid-80’s, an original form of music was discovered on the midi-capable little planet of Austin, Texas. At the age of 32, Charles Ditto released his first solo album applying cutting edge computers and synthesizers of the era (Roland DX7, Roland MKS-20, Roland MKS-80, Sequential Circuits Profit 2000 along with a Macintosh SE) to create a unique and detailed world that was inspired by Cluster, Eno & The Residents. "In Human Terms" bridges the gap between contemporary classical and minimal pop. Rhythmic but melodically abstract. Microtonal and organic.
    Often described as experimental electronics, tone poems or Cyber-delic-psychotropic-avante-garde, "In Human Terms" remains very emotional, deep and different. Ditto’s music imparts a new listening experience that is still somewhat indescribable today, but remains approachable and relatable. “What makes Ditto’s music so strikingly different is his overt use of emotion, very descriptive melodies and deep atmosphere” Audio Magazine - August 1988 // “If Erik Satie had midi gear” Keyboard Magazine - April 1988 // “Brian Eno meets Seastones, but with more melody” Relix Magazine - August, 1988 // “Ditto’s choice of Synthesizer tones are at once both organic and unique” Electronic Musician - June 1988


    Side A:

    1. Pop - 3:15
    2. Bush - 4:50
    3. Urban - 3:50
    4. Eastern - 2:14
    5. Rock

    Side B:

    6. World Anthem - 3:43
    7. Slave Waltz - 4:03
    8. Western - 4:26
    9. Christmas Before The War - 6:31
    10. Basso Continuo - 9:20

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