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Calexico And Iron & Wine

In The Reins

    Iron & Wine's Sam Beam and the members of Calexico convened in December 2004 at Calexico's home base of Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona. The idea of working together had been tossed around for over three years, though neither bands' schedule loaned itself into making it a reality until then. The resulting session "In the Reins", is a mini-album that is a truly harmonious affair sure to satisfy fans of both bands. The seven tracks are Sam Beam originals and were fleshed out by the full Calexico band. The record also features newcomer Natalie Wyants on vocals, Salvador Duran, a local fixture of the Tucson Flamenco scene, on vocals and Botas. Of course no Wavelab experience would be complete without the appearance of Nick Luca (NL Trio/John Doe Band) and Craig Schumacher, both of whom contributed to the record in the form of engineering and performance.


    He Lays In The Reins
    Prison On Route 41
    History Of Lovers
    Red Dust
    16, Maybe Less
    Burn That Broken Bed
    Dead Mans Will


    Feast Of Wire (20th Anniversary Edition)

      In early 2003, Calexico released their seminal album ‘Feast of Wire’, the album that truly marked the duo’s critical and commercial breakthrough. Beginning in June, the band will play a series of headline shows across the year performing the landmark ‘Feast of Wire’ in full as well as a slew of beloved songs from the band’s full repertoire. In addition to the headline dates, the band will play a handful of festivals as well across Europe


      Feast Of Wire - LP1 (45 RPM):
      A01 Sunken Waltz
      A02 Quattro (World Drifts In)
      A03 Stucco
      A04 Black Heart
      B05 Pepita
      B06 Not Even Stevie Nicks...
      B07 Close Behind
      B08 Woven Birds

      LP2 (45 Rpm):
      C09 The Book And The Canal
      C10 Attack! El Robot! Attack!
      C11 Across The Wire
      C12 Dub Latina
      C13 Güero Canelo
      D14 Alone Again Or (Bonus Track)
      D15 Whipping The Horse's Eye
      D16 Crumble
      D17 No Doze

      More Cowboys In Sweden - Live At China Theatre Stockholm, 25.04.2003 - LP3 (33 RPM):
      E18 Pepita
      E19 Across The Wire
      E20 Quattro
      E21 Dub Latina
      E22 Sunken Waltz
      E23 Not Even Stevie Nicks
      E24 Woven Birds
      E25 Güero Canelo
      E26 Black Heart
      E27 Alone Again Or


      Carried To Dust

        There’s always been intrigue and adventure at the heart of CALEXICO. Ever since they were a largely instrumental duo experimenting with their unique collection of instruments and soundtrack sensibilities, Joey Burns and John Convertino have constantly imbued their music with an unparalleled sense of drama, calling upon the myths and iconography of the American West and its Spanish speaking neighbour Mexico. Naming themselves after a town near the Californian / Mexican border in honour of this cultural mélange, they’ve spent the eighteen years since they met in Los Angeles mapping out musical territory that had otherwise been neglected or at the very least considered the preserve of historians.

        Now, with CARRIED TO DUST, they have defined that sound, calling upon almost two decades of exploration and an ensemble of musicians that must surely be the envy of bands throughout the world. CARRIED TO DUST represents the pinnacle of their achievement, a thrilling and moving journey through a landscape that draws upon the modern world as much as it does the decayed reminders of times past, stumbling upon unexpected delights whilst always moving forward with a pioneering sense of purpose. It presents a vivid picture of a world in which listeners can immerse themselves much as one is caught up in the tangled narrative of a Steinbeck novel or the imagery of a John Ford film, and confirms CALEXICO as one of the great American bands of the 21st Century.


        A1. Victor Jara's Hands
        A2. Two Silver Trees
        A3. The News About William
        A4. Sarabande In Pencil Form
        A5. Writer's Minor Holiday
        A6. Man Made Lake
        A7. Inspiración
        A8. House Of Valparaiso
        B1. Slowness
        B2. Bend To The Road
        B3. El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
        B4. Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
        B5. Falling From Sleeves
        B6. Red Blooms
        B7. Contention City


        Spoke - 2022 Reissue

          Repressed on vinyl for the first time in a good while, limited availability. Spoke is the debut studio album of Calexico, from Arizona. The back cover photo of Spoke is a furrowing farm machine, and in the context of this recording, one might imagine clouds of birds following the machinery to eat up the disturbed insects. Calexico snatch up the bits of Americana turned out by a rototilling of the national music psyche. The 19 resultant tracks can be small as insects (the shortest being half a minute in length) and erratic in flight; there are lo-fi songs and themes that proceed without concern for what came before. One bit is held up by guitar, another by accordion, then one by vibes. A bit of desert dust sprinkled throughout may be the only constant theme -- a Santa Fe rummage sale of sounds. Spoke is very intriguing and well worth exploring.


          A1 Low Expectations
          A2 Mind The Gap
          A3 Mazurra
          A4 Sanchez
          A5 Haul
          A6 Slag
          A7 Paper Route
          A8 Glimpse
          A9 Navy Cut
          A10 Spokes

          B1 Scout
          B2 Point Vicente
          B3 Wash
          B4 Ice Cream Jeep
          B5 Windjammer
          B6 Mazurka
          B7 Removed
          B8 Stinging Nettle


          El Mirador

            Calexico's Joey Burns and John Convertino return with their luminous 10th studio album, El Mirador; a hopeful, kaleidoscopic beacon of rock, bluesy ruminations and Latin American sounds.

            Convening at longtime bandmate Sergio Mendoza's home studio in Tucson, Arizona, the ensemble recorded throughout the summer of 2021, crafting one of their most riveting and whimsical productions to date. Convertino, who now resides in El Paso, and Burns, who relocated to Boise in 2020, channeled cherished memories of Southwestern landscapes and joyful barrio melting pots into an evocative love letter to the desert borderlands that nourished them for over 20 years.

            “El Mirador” features gossamer vocals from Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno, while Spanish rocker Jairo Zavala brings his signature bravado to “Cumbia Peninsula.” By working with friends and recurring collaborators, Calexico also highlights the unique social and linguistic intersections at the US-Mexico border and the magnificent possibilities of a borderless world.

            El Mirador stands both as a lookout point and beacon in the dark; an opportunity to search inwards, ponder our connections to the Earth and its people, and hopefully illuminate a path forward. After decades on the road Calexico's music remains boundless and romantic, still gazing upon the horizon in search of their next adventure.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Laura says: Wonderful new album from Joey Burns and John Convertino. Although still infused with Latin American influences, the last few release from Calexico have taken a 'poppier' route. On this album though, they hark back to dusty desert blues of their earlier releases. Shimmering through the baking Tuscon heat, you can almost feel the sun on your back.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. El Mirador
            A2. Harness The Wind
            A3. Cumbia Peninsula
            A4. Then You Might See
            A5. Cumbia Del Polvo
            A6. El Paso
            B1. The El Burro Song
            B2. Liberada
            B3. Turquoise
            B4. Constellation
            B5. Rancho Azul
            B6. Caldera

            For the better part of two decades, the acclaimed band Calexico has crossed musical barriers, embracing a multitude of styles, variety in instrumentation, and well-cultivated signature sounds. With 'Edge of the Sun' they take inspiration from a trip to a place surprisingly unexplored by the band before in Mexico City, and with the benefit of many friends and comrades to help guide the way.

            Encouraged by the experience, the guest list grew to include Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Nick Urata (Devotchka), Carla Morrison, Gaby Moreno, Amparo Sanchez, multi-instrumentalists from the Greek band Takim, and Neko Case. Burnsʼ brother John Burns lent a hand to some lyrics and songwriting, and the bandʼs keyboardist, Sergio Mendoza, stepped up to co-write and arrange certain songs, ultimately co-producing the album along with Burns, John Convertino, and longtime associate Craig Schumacher.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Laura says: Calexico have been honing their Latin-American infused dusty desert blues for the best part of 20 years, and here, they've got it bang on.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Falling From The Sky With Ben Bridwell (Band Of Horses) 
            2. Bullets & Rocks With Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) 
            3. When The Angels Played With Pieta Brown & Greg Leisz 
            4. Tapping On The Line With Neko Case 
            5. Cumbia De Donde With Amparo Sanchez 
            6. Miles From The Sea With Gaby Moreno 
            7. Coyoacán 
            8. Beneath The City Of Dreams With Gaby Moreno 
            9. Woodshed Waltz With Greg Leisz 
            10. Moon Never Rises With Carla Morrison 
            11. World Undone With Takim 
            12. Follow The River With Nick Urata (Devotchka)


            Hot Rail - City Slang Classics

            In 2000 the Tucson band released their second album proper and further refined their desert noir soundscapes. On this album Calexico opted for a more intimate form of expression, for a stylish, sombre, bleak ballad style that is often drenched in psychedelic reverbs and accented by jazz instruments.

            Then again it does contain their first forays into the semi pop song with The Ballad Of Cable Hogue and eventually it was reissued with a version of "Crystal Frontier" that had quickly become a live favourite and went on to become their first pan European radio hit and calling card.

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