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Broken Chanter

Chorus Of Doubt

    David MacGregor’s Broken Chanter bristle with energy and empathy on their incendiary third album Chorus Of Doubt. Recorded over 2023’s spring and summer months in Chemikal Underground’s in-house studio Chem 19 by Paul Savage.

    Featuring frequent collaborators Charlotte Printer, Bart Owl and Martin Johnston, Broken Chanter’s world is populated by hope and vitriol rendered in ecstatic rock music, visceral post-punk, terse agit-Funk, and soaring choruses. The most immediate Broken Chanter record to date, Chorus Of Doubt is David MacGregor’s open love letter to never giving up, a personal road map out of collective lethargy.

    “A chorus of doubt often soundtracks those who hope for better, as it comes from the press, those in power, and anyone who has in an interest in the status quo being presented as the least bad, and only, option. A chorus of doubt can also come from within your own head. Both need to be challenged and drowned out. These are songs that look to reassure the listener that better things are possible, despite the managed decline we are constantly offered as the only option, and that small personal actions when performed together can affect real change." David MacGregor (Broken Chanter).


    Don’t You Think That Something Needs To Be Done?
    You’ve Got To Stop Worrying All The Time
    The Rain Doesn’t Only Fall On You
    Costner Interjection
    Something More Useful Than Flowers
    Knock My Pan In
    Who’s Asking?
    Gloom Bop
    Your Latest Moment Of Alarming Clarity
    Actual Bonehead Contact
    So Much For The End Of History (I’m Still Here)

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