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Bosconi Gang Band

Live At Manifattura Tabacchi

After the first jam experiment back in 2019 here we have the second chapter of the Bosconi Gang Band session pressed on this limited white label hand stamped & numbered wax. This jam was recorded in front of an actual crowd in an event held at Manifattura tabacchi Florence on the 21st February 2020 just a couple weeks before the pandemic started and the first lockdown happened in Italy.

The concept is the same as the previous one with Fabio Della Torre on the mixer conducting the gang mystic gulf this time with: Ennio Colaci from Minimono, Dukwa, Rufus, Andrea Giachetti & Antonio Pecori from The Clover and Dj Rou. As it happened with the previous release, the actual jam follows the order of the live execution which naturally developed in a crescendo of speed and intensity.

The result is a collection of 5 of the best takes slightly mixed and revisited afterwards but very much faithful to those performed live. This is another adventurous release that goes well off grid, plays with strange temps, original textures and moods. There's a punk-funk, acid house & cosmic slant to their vibe which is infectious, fun and cutting edge all at the same time!

Bosconi Gang Band aims to be an itinerant live improvisational project open to all artists who have released on Bosconi Records that sets the goal of always being unpredictable and special, naturally affected by the artists who perform always creating something unplanned new, and unexpected.


Matt says: Really nice n varied EP which traverses electric punk-funk, acid house and cosmic styles with a live approach, fuzzy aesthetic and held together by some incredible basslines.


A1. 90 Dial 
A2. 122 Merge 
A3. 128 Wave
B1. 160 Wasp 
B2. 105 Keen 

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