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Club culture in France would have been different if not for Micky Milan (real name Milan Zdravkovic). He is one of the true trailblazers of what is known today as French boogie.

It all started when he was the in-house DJ of the highly popular club L'échappatoire in the Parisian suburb of Clichy sous Bois. In those days, he was well connected with Champs Disques, back then, the hippest record shop located on the Champs Élysées and had privileged access to the best imported U.S. 12" thus making his club the undisputed stronghold of disco funk.

A significant fact is that he is one of the very few French artists signed on the legendary U.S. Salsoul record label with the song "Quand tu danses". Teaming up with funkateer and close friend François Feldman, the track was recorded with Feldman on keyboards along with the Gibson Brothers on percussions, drums and keyboards, a French group, originally hailing from Martinique and Kamil Rustam who later went on to work to the who&who of soul and funk music adding his powerful licks of funky guitar. The influence of Lamont Dozier of "Going Back To My Roots", fame is that of a tutelary god all over these tracks. The goal behind this EP is to highlight Micky Milan’s multifaceted musical talents, from disco funk to jazz and synth pop. The record contains two tracks never previously released on vinyl, the groovesque “Paris Amour” built on guitar riffs carrying the sexy voice of Alexandra and the instrumental version of "Quand Tu Danses"; epitomizing the essence of funk and the power of a sound on par with the American productions of the time. Hail to the pioneer.


Matt says: French boogie is the perfect merging of charm, funk and sexual energy. It's those clavs, picked guitar lines; there's just summat a bit sleazy about it! Four tracks from one of the key proponents of the scene for your after-hours x-rated delictation.


Quand Tu Danses (unreleased Full Intrumental Mix)
Paris Amour Featuring Alexandra (unreleased)
Quand Tu Danses (original Mix)
Champion (MM Instumental Edit)

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