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Another winner from Best Records via this remastered reissue of Francesco Messina's seminal LP from 1983 produced by electronic Italian pioneer Franco Battiato.
Messina and Battiato are considered central figures within the Italian avant-garde. Part of a generation of artists who contributed to a radical rethinking of musical practices and composition, they reveal Minimalism as it's rarely known: delicate melodies, subtle harmonic interplay, incorporating diverse creative traditions and slowly giving way to an ever-expanding open space. This album was recorded at the legendary Polygram Studios in Milan and using the most powerful electronic music synthesizers for that times like the CMI Fairlight and the EMU Emulator.


Patrick says: Francesco Messina and Franco Battiato's inspired fusion of electronic and organic instrumentation, post-minimal composition and wavey pop vocals gets a welcome reissue from Best Records - well Balearic!

Any student of Italy's cosmic scene will tell you that the likes of Baldelli, Loda and Lodola had a healthy respect for the prog of the 70s, so it makes total sense that one of the scene's all time classics was based around a Mike Oldfield record. The work of Giorgio Giordano, Giorgio Dolce and Roberto Zanetti under the G.A.N.G. alias, "Incantations" takes the trippiest elements of Mike Oldfield's stadium filling opus and replays them over a steady slow beat as a white funk groove for astral projecting. Totally over the top, and thus entirely irresistible, the track's already got you hooked with its pagan melodies and percolating groove, so when Stefania Dal Pino stops by to offer her ethereal vocal interpretation of "Foreign Affair" we're in game changing territories. If you're too cool for life changing vocals, there's an instrumental dub on the flip, ensuring all boxes are ticked for the cosmic jock.


Patrick says: Peerless proggy madness here from Best Italy, who hit us with a pristine reissue of G.A.N.G.'s Oldfield inspired cosmic bomb "Incantations". Play it loud enough and you'll unlock next gen abilities.

When The One "O" Ones originally released Radio Cosmo Disco back in 1977 it was confined to 7", which is no place for such majestic cosmic groove exploration. Now Best Records are continuing their quest to repress every hidden gem of Italian dance music and beyond, and they're doing "Radio Cosmo 101" the right way. The full "Disco Version" of the track gets to stretch out on a full 12" side, and does so in a dreamy haze of feel good funk. You can still hear the radio edit on the flip, and the original instrumental jam is included for those who want to drift away on those sumptuous tones of the backing track.

The Gongs Gang

Gimme Your Love

Limited edition reissue of Gong's Gang, a dusty, slightly lo-fi boogie classic produced by the legendary DJ Tony Carrasco in 1983. Originally out on Phoenix and featuring a cream of Italian musical talent, those tuff gated drums, keyboard bass and darting synths perfectly exemplify what the current surge of boogie / Italo / proto-house obsessives are looking for. Undeniably optimistic and feel-good from the off, when the sugar-coated vocal comes careering over the mix you're sure to see some gassed dancers overcome with pleasure on the floor.

Another essential reissue from those good folks at Best Records Italy, don't miss this chance to own a holy grail that regularly fetches over £60 for an original. Remastered and pressed super nice, it switches up the artwork for something equally sympathetic to the original. Top stuff! 


Matt says: Another week, another long lost Italian gem gets mined from what seems to be an infinite, ahem, seam of musical ore.


Sexy Lady / Stop The War

t's coming out on Best Italy, so you know you're in for a rarified treat from the dusty archives of pan European music. On this occasion the unstoppable reissue label has its disco hat on, serving up the "raw cosmic funk" of Oro, recorded in Naples and originally released in 1977. Back then, this crucial cut was confined to a short 7" edit, but Best have pulled the stops out to track down the master tapes and execute a thorough remastering job on the full-length versions, now pressed to 12" for your long-playing, disc-spinning pleasure. It's a good thing these tracks came back into circulation - they capture the best of the late 70s era in a cool, downright funky style that never gets old.


Patrick says: Finally the inevitable has happened - Best Record's unstoppable reissue journey through Italy's underground has reached Oro's "Stop The War", the 1977 45 which has been my top secret weapon for the past five years. Outrageously funky, way wonky and kind of cosmic, this underground hit has packed dance floors wherever I've played it, so make sure you grab a copy.

Alan Shelly

Party Freaks / Dance Together

Those good folks at Best Records in Italy drop a reissue of the terrific disco-funk groover "Party Freak" by Alan Shelly, b/w the organ grinding funk n hustle of "Dance Together" on the flip. Previously only released as a 7" in Italy, Best Records have managed to get access to the original tapes and now present this as a fully extended 12"maxi single with no fades! Yipppeee!!

Middle Ages

Stop Your Lies

    Like all good musical genres, Italo Disco comes with rules. Rule #1 being that everything released after November '83 was totally whack. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, and this is one glorious exception. Originally released on Rinaldo in 1984, "Stop Your Lies" delivers everything you want from an Italo record - precise drum programming, sequencer bass, slightly cheesy synth melodies, well cheesy vocals and the added bonus of bright brass licks. Chuck in a Mediterranean rap and the kind of club killing frequencies we all dream about and you've got yourself a fruity little dancefloor treat. If out of tune vocals aren't your thing (what's wrong with you?) then there's an Instrumental mix on the flip for maximum musical impact. It's already in my record box, and it should be in yours too.


    12" Info: One copy found

    Pino Presti

    You Know The Way - Inc. Tee Scott Remix

      In case you didn't know, Pino Presti is one baaad mother funker! Real talk, during the 1970s this bass-playing bad-ass scored a whole host of Italian TV shizzle, dropped masterful jazz-funk LP "1st Round" and dropped a pair of super tight disco singles while simultaneously securing a 5th Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate! He might even have inspired Dirk Diggler in seminal (ooh err) movie Boogie Nights for all we know. This super groovy disco dancer originally dropped as a 7" on Baby Records in 1979 before Sergio Cossa snapped it up for his Emergency imprint and unleashed it on the U.S. clubs. So far, so good, but for some reason the B-side saw only the "mono" version rather than the outstanding "disco version" by the beloved New York DJ Tee Scott. Now, after 37 years we can finally appreciate it, fully restored from the original master tapes by co-producer Marco Salvatori. Unstoppable bass, sublime strings, rhythmic guitar and slightly camp Euro-vocals abound as we dance til we drop. Buy this before you regret it!


      12" Info: One copy found

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