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Cult Italian producer Jenny Rocco passed away in 2020, and in tribute to the work of this dearly departed artist, Best Record Italy reissue one of his most sought after productions - "Evita (Avoid)" by Coco Bill. Produced by Rocco in 1983, the track comes in two versions, with the vocal cut setting romantic disco rhythms over pounding bass percolations while pianos morph between soul chords and starscape leads. Sequential synths race through the air and a crooner pleads into the night - the voice at once innocently sweet and darkly sensual. While elsewhere, tribal drums lead manic grooves and marimbas and palm-muted guitars color the air in equatorial hues. As for the instrumental version, the disco drums hit with a heavier and futuristic sheen, while angular bass synths slam beneath rimshots and ricocheting claps. Dreamspace pianos and fantasy synths are woven together into mysterious tapestries of exotica, while cosmic arps and crystalline chord cascades soar through the heavens.


Matt says: Il Bosco / Red Laser - endorsed high grade Italo here. Responsible for causing a poppers shortage in Stretford and Old Trafford circa 2011 (*True fact).


A1. Evita (Mix Version)
B1. Evita (Instrumental)

Nino Lepore

Chok Musik

Nino Lepore hails from South Italy, and is best known for his self-titled LP from 1986, as well as for his uncredited work on Dancer Record. The 'Chok Musik' 12" from Best Record Italy focuses on two productions from his sole LP, and in the titular track, sexualized funk basslines join a disco drum strut, as guitar riffs shimmer and brass and string orchestrations swirl deliriously between filmic romance and symphonic madness. And after a breakdown into percussive chaos, smooth piano solos alternate with passages of sizzling sax. As for "Bad Time," an introduction of decaying gongs leads to a broken beat groove, with strings evoking atmospheres of exotic noir and horns soloing softly over subdued funk bass motions and distant flashes of guitar. There are jazz rock breakdowns into liquid riffing and flamboyant brass, and during handclap climaxes, horns swell towards the sky.


Patrick says: If you've been simping over the Italian boogie sounds of Nu Guinea, Mystic Jungle, Periodica etc of late, then you'll love this bit of OG Italo funk tackle, resurrected by those fine folks at Best Records. Uber-groovey, gooey funk for the sunny days ahead.


A1. Chok Musik
B1. Bad Time

Any student of Italy's cosmic scene will tell you that the likes of Baldelli, Loda and Lodola had a healthy respect for the prog of the 70s, so it makes total sense that one of the scene's all time classics was based around a Mike Oldfield record. The work of Giorgio Giordano, Giorgio Dolce and Roberto Zanetti under the G.A.N.G. alias, "Incantations" takes the trippiest elements of Mike Oldfield's stadium filling opus and replays them over a steady slow beat as a white funk groove for astral projecting. Totally over the top, and thus entirely irresistible, the track's already got you hooked with its pagan melodies and percolating groove, so when Stefania Dal Pino stops by to offer her ethereal vocal interpretation of "Foreign Affair" we're in game changing territories. If you're too cool for life changing vocals, there's an instrumental dub on the flip, ensuring all boxes are ticked for the cosmic jock.


Patrick says: Peerless proggy madness here from Best Italy, who hit us with a pristine reissue of G.A.N.G.'s Oldfield inspired cosmic bomb "Incantations". Play it loud enough and you'll unlock next gen abilities.


A1. Incantations
B1. Incantations (instrumental)

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