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If You're Feeling Sinister (25th Anniversary Edition) - Black Friday Edition

    In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of this seminal album, Belle & Sebastian release If You’re Feeling Sinister on coloured vinyl for the first time. 

    The album was recorded in Glasgow at CaVa Studios in August 1996 over just 10 days and was the first album released by Jeepster. There were no singles released from the album which was a famous Belle & Sebastian trait of the time. In line with this, there were also no interviews given and promotion involved a three gig tour over London, Manchester and Glasgow.

    For the recording of this album, the band consisted of the six original members but this time also included Sarah Martin as the seventh member in her debut for the band. This was the second album released by Belle & Sebastian and all songs were written by Stuart Murdoch.

    The session produced 11 songs of which 10 made it to the album and the other became the single ‘This Is Just A Modern Rock Song’. Although there were no videos made for any of the album tracks, Sarah Martin recorded a video for this eleventh track.

    The album cover features Ciara MacLaverty, a great friend of Stuart’s, beside a copy of Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’. The inside cover features some members of the band with friends in their impression of The Last Supper. 


    A1. The Stars Of Track And Field
    A2. Seeing Other People
    A3. Me And The Major
    A4. Like Dylan In The Movies
    A5. The Fox In The Snow
    B1. Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
    B2. If You're Feeling Sinister
    B3. Mayfly
    B4. The Boy Done Wrong Again
    B5. Judy And The Dream Of Horses

    Belle And Sebastian

    Days Of The Bagnold Summer

      Days of the Bagnold Summer began life as a 2012 award-winning graphic novel by Joff Winterhart, was turned into a feature film and the directorial debut of Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners, Friday Night Dinner), and is now a wonderful, rich, bittersweet, and warmly welcoming original soundtrack album by Belle and Sebastian on Matador Records.

      The album features eleven brand new Belle and Sebastian songs, as well as re-recorded versions of classics 'Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying', originally appearing on 1996's If You’re Feeling Sinister, and ‘I Know Where The Summer Goes’, from 1998's This Is Just a Modern Rock Song EP.


      Barry says: Whether they're writing stand-alone albums, performing live or soundtracking, Belle And Sebastian have a pedigree that can't be denied. 'Days Of The Bagnold Summer' is in the latter camp, but works perfectly as a standalone album too, showcasing exactly why they're one of the most beloved bands on the indie circuit and have been for a great many years.


      Sister Buddha (Intro)
      I Know Where The Summer Goes
      Did The Day Go Just Like You Wanted?
      Jill Pole
      I'll Keep It Inside
      Safety Valve
      The Colour's Gonna Run
      Another Day, Another Night
      Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
      Wait And See What The Day Holds
      Sister Buddha
      This Letter
      We Were Never Glorious

      Belle And Sebastian

      Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

      Recently, The Quietus published an interview with Stuart Murdoch and Richard Colburn which gives a hint of what to expect from "Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance". The album opens with “Nobody’s Empire,” which Stuart said “is absolutely the most personal [song] I’ve ever written.” About the beginnings of his lifelong struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which led to his first forays into songwriting, it is easily one of his most musically and emotionally epic songs.

      What it doesn’t indicate is how fun the album is. Produced and mixed at Maze Studios in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen III, best known for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, and Raury, among others, the band – who have been listening to things like vintage Detroit techno and Giogio Moroder – have brought a dance-party element (and a disco song about Sylvia Plath) into their gorgeous tales of sensitive souls navigating a world gone awry. It is perhaps the most inspired and wide-reaching album Belle and Sebastian have ever made.


      1. Nobody's Empire
      2. Allie
      3. The Party Line
      4. The Power Of Three
      5. The Cat With The Cream
      6. Enter Sylvia Plath
      7. The Everlasting Muse
      8. Perfect Couples
      9. Ever Had A Little Faith?
      10. Play For Today
      11. The Book Of You
      12. Today (This Army's For Peace)

      Belle And Sebastian

      Dear Catastrophe Waitress

        Fifth album from Scots indie-pop heroes and their first for Rough Trade. Featuring their usual blend of twee chamber-pop and dry wit, the album was produced by Trevor Horn, the man behind the desk for such pop luminaries as Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones and The Pet Shop Boys.

        Belle And Sebastian

        Write About Love

          Unlike its predecessors, "Write About Love" is an album which has come together in a relatively short period of time. After reconvening in February 2010, a period of writing and pre-production in Glasgow was followed by a trip to Los Angeles for recording with Tony Hoffer (who also produced ‘The Life Pursuit’) at the renowned Sound Factory Studio B.

          Adopting a more fluid approach than on the previous record, fourteen songs were recorded and mixed by the start of June, of which eleven feature on the CD and vinyl releases. Two further tracks from these sessions appear on a bonus 7” with the vinyl edition of the album.

          As ever, the record draws the band’s internal songwriting strengths, but this time includes some guest performances. Stuart Murdoch wrote the majority of the songs on the album, while Sarah Martin takes lead vocals on her two contributions, "I Didn’t See It Coming" and "I Can See Your Future" and Stevie Jackson on his ("I’m Not Living In The Real World"). In addition, Norah Jones contributes lead vocals to "Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John" (which also appears on her forthcoming album of duets and collaborations called "Featuring") and actress Carey Mulligan sings on "Write About Love". Strings were added by LA residents The Section Quartet.


          Millie says: I’m spoilt for choice with Belle and Sebastian albums; they’re a favourite band of mine, their juxtaposition of melancholic lyrics with upbeat and cheery melodies are just brilliant. It’s bold and rosy; their story-like style is prominent in their ever on-going array of music.


          1. I Didn't See It Coming
          2. Come On Sister
          3. Calculating Bimbo
          4. I Want The World To Stop
          5. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (Feat. Norah Jones)
          6. Write About Love (Feat. Carey Mulligan)
          7. I'm Not Living In The Real World
          8. Ghost Of Rockschool
          9. Read The Blessed Pages
          10. I Can See Your Future
          11. Sunday's Pretty Icons

          Belle And Sebastian

          The Boy With The Arab Strap

            After 1997's "If You're Feeling Sinister" made them critics' darlings, Scottish octet Belle And Sebastian ran straight into a series of label woes, and into the inevitable feeding frenzy that surrounds a free agent with their prodigious talents. Their experience with one label exec is detailed in "Seymour Stein" on "The Boy With The Arab Strap", which finds theband building on the pastoral pop charms of "Sinister...", adding a palpable layer of anger and an increasingly rich sonic palette to their painfully shy tales of despair.

            Near-overnight success taught the band a lot. This album moves from their trademark confessional diary sketches (still in abundance, as on the disarmingly naive "Is It Wicked Not To Care", and the tender "Rollercoaster Ride") to genuine social criticism, as on the title track, a narrative meditation on Britain's pretensions and societal ills. "Chickfactor" pulls apart the banality the band encountered on arrival in New York, an experience which only served to deepen the bashful anger that makes Belle and Sebastian so endearing.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career
            2. Sleep The Clock Around
            3. Is It Wicked Not To Care
            4. Ease Your Feet In The Sea
            5. A Summer Wasting
            6. Seymour Stein
            7. A Space Boy Dream
            8. Dirty Dream Number Two
            9. The Boy With The Arab Strap
            10. Chickfactor
            11. Simple Things
            12. The Rollercoaster Ride

            Belle And Sebastian

            The Life Pursuit

              Seven albums in and Belle and Sebastian have just made the best record of their career. Produced by Tony Hoffer this album feels both familiar and strange at the same time. There is a powerful aesthetic at the heart of the "The Life Pursuit" that places it at some time in the early-to-middle Seventies without ever specifically sounding like anything you can put your finger on. Belle And Sebastian pull in stuff from all over the place, so that Sly & the Family Stone/Funkadelic inflections ("Song For Sunshine") sits side by side with the classic Bubblegum riffs and call-and-response vocals of "White Collar Boy" (another sure-fire stomping single); the "Queen Bitch"-era Bowie stylings of "Sukie In the Graveyard"; the glammy T-Rex of "The Blues Are Still Blue"; the prime-time miserablism of a Terry Hall "Mornington Crescent" and the irrepressible rousing piano drive of "The Price Of A Cup Of Tea". All formats come beautifully packaged.

              Belle And Sebastian

              If You're Feeling Sinister

                Their first 'official' release, after the limited edition "Tiger Milk" album. Includes "The Stars Of Track And Field" and "If You're Feeling Sinister". Clever, witty songs - a true indie classic.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. The Stars Of Track And Field
                2. Seeing Other People
                3. Me And The Major
                4. Like Dylan In The Movies
                5. The Fox In The Snow
                6. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
                7. If You're Feeling Sinister
                8. Mayfly
                9. The Boy Done Wrong Again
                10. Judy And The Dream Of Horses

                Belle And Sebastian

                Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

                  For their fourth and most cleverly titled album, Glasgow's fey folk-popsters Belle & Sebastian have constructed another11 songs that at times reach into new musical and lyrical areas. Following secondary composer Stuart David's departure, de facto leader Stuart Murdoch divides the songwriting chores among the other members; yet what's apparent is the single-mindedness of Belle & Sebastian's song focus.

                  The overall mood is even softer and more precious (if that can be believed) than their previous efforts. Murdoch and Chris Geddes' "Don't Leave The Light On Baby" is the band's attempt at a '70s soul ballad, a Wurlitzer adding a Music-of-My-Mind vibe to a lovers' dissertation. Isobel Campbell's "Beyond The Sunrise" is biblical Celtic-prog-folk, all flutes and acoustic guitar, while Jackson's own "The Wrong Girl" is an upbeat, country-ish lament with typically soulful Belle & Sebastian strings and trumpet giving the song an understated melodic kick. Of course, Murdoch contributes a classic or two - "I Fought a War" is a gentle away-at-the-battlefield tale imbued with the greatest sense of dread Murdoch's ever given a song. And "Woman's Realm" is the kind of pop stomper "Arab Strap" was packed to the gills with, highlighted here by its increasingly quiet surroundings.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. I Fought In A War
                  2. The Model
                  3. Beyond The Sunrise
                  4. Waiting For The Moon To Rise
                  5. Don't Leave The Light On Baby
                  6. The Wrong Girl
                  7. The Chalet Lines
                  8. Nice Day For A Sulk
                  9. Women's Realm
                  10. Family Tree
                  11. There's Too Much Love

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