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Max Watts is a young, up-and-coming DJ and producer from Tennessee. He co-runs Limited Network, a white label techno imprint and crew of young producers dedicated to making savage DJ tools. Watts’ energy and enthusiasm shines on "Primal Spirit", his tribute to tribal techno. This debut release on BANK is a testament to his dedication to the medium of vinyl DJing - no fanfare, just supremely crafted, untitled tracks for any set. This record features a remix from Force Placement out of Los Angeles. Recommended if you went to Tribal Gathering at Sankeys between 1999 - 2003, listened to any of Richie Hawtin's 'Decks FX & 909' mixes; enjoyed Jeff Mill's iconic 'Exhibitionist' mix. What else - think DJ Rush, turn of the millennium Carl Cox, Oliver Ho, James Rushkin. Basically, that fruitful era for techno when it went really fucking tribal! A monstrous release not to be overlooked - big TIP.


Matt says: Phwwaoooor! 'Ave some of that! Real deal tribal techno excursions with that millennial fire coursing through their stems. For the feathers and face paint brigade and the OG DC-10 mobsters - this is the absolutely dogs bollox.


A1. Untitled
A2. Untitled
B1. Unitled
B2. Untitled (Force Placement Remix)

5 track debut EP from artist David James Drume. Hailing from Chicago this young musician has expertly tailored a sound of techno that is unmatched by most. TIP!!!

Words from the producer: ‘When I set out to write these five tracks, I was intent on working within a style of Techno music that had reached its apex during the early years of the new millennium. The progenitors of this style made extensive use of samples and prerecorded drum loops, and did so to an almost unprecedented degree. Their novel production techniques, in part made possible by the advent of the DAW, yielded a fascinating result - sonic maximalism that hitherto could only be produced by recording a large ensemble of musicians performing together. Now, dozens of such recordings could be digitally composited together, resulting in dense walls of diverse timbres. I have for a long time been captivated by this sound, and at their core, these five tracks are an earnest expression of my passion for this sonic aesthetic.’
-D.J. Drume

Hard edged tribal techno tracks which DJ Bone makes the foundation of his stadium-destroying sets. No disco samples, very few melodies, just unrelenting, all encompassing tribal polyrhythms. Rhythms. Feral, swingin’ off the rafters type-a shit that brings out all the techno soldiers! Don’t sleep! 


Matt says: More tribal techno (told you it was coming!), but this my friends, might be my favourite out of the lot. Chicagoan Drume channels the spirit of late 90s early 00s DJ Rush and Tresor with a highly percussive set of tribal techno tools. Big tip!


A1. Atacama
A2. Remain
B1. Combat Dancer
B2. Diegesis
B3. Pistolero

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