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Arizona Amp & Alternator

Arizona Amp And Alternator

    1000 copies pressed. Fist time on vinyl. Double debut from Howe Gelb’s one-off project that features members or Arcade Fire, Grandaddy, Scout Niblett and M Ward among others. Featuring extensive notes and interviews with the collaborators, exploring how the whole thing was put together.


    Side A.

    1 Velvet And Pearl
    2 Where The Wind Turns The Skin To Leather
    3 AAAA (1)
    4 Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys.

    Side B.

    5 Man On A String
    6 Bottom Of The Barrel
    7 AAAA (2)
    8 Can Do Girl.

    Side C.

    9 Blue Blue Marble Girl
    10 Baby It's Cold Outside
    11 Re-Entry
    12 Loretta And The Insect World
    13 AAAA (3)
    14 Talula And The Last Straw.

    Side D.

    15 Vows
    16 AAAA (4)
    17 Recital
    18 The Leaving You. 

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