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Andy Bell

Another View

    Compilation album featuring Pye Corner Audio remixed tracks from 2020’s “the view from halfway down” Andy Bell’s critically acclaimed album + some unreleased acoustic versions. 


    Barry says: In a brilliant twist, Pye Corner Audio reworked a bunch of Andy Bell's tunes for a series of 12's recently, and the results were stellar, this Cd compilation sees all of those singles and b-sides come together for a superb meeting of minds and a wonderfully rewarding listen.


    1.Indica (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    2.Skywalker (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    3.Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    4.Love Comes In Waves (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    5.I Was Alone (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    6.Indica (Pye Corner Audio Remix – GLOK Re-edit)
    7.The Commune (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    8.Plastic Bag (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
    9.The Commune
    10.Plastic Bag
    11.Love Comes In Waves (Acoustic Version)
    12.Cherry Cola (Acoustic Version)
    13.Skywalker (Acoustic Version)
    14.Perfume (Acoustic Version)
    15.The Commune (Acoustic Version)

    Andy Bell

    All On You EP

      Four tracks recorded by Ride guitarist and singer Andy Bell for radio sessions, including a cover of 1990 Mancunian cult classic ‘Perfume’ by Paris Angels.


      1. Love Comes In Waves (Acoustic Version)
      2. Cherry Cola (Acoustic Version)
      3. Skywalker (Acoustic Version)
      4. Perfume (Acoustic Version)

      Andy Bell

      See My Friends EP

        The two tracks from Andy Bell’s debut solo single reworked by Pye Corner Audio, with the original tracks remastered by Heba Kadry.


        1.The Commune (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        2.Plastic Bag (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        3.The Commune
        4.Plastic Bag

        You know us Piccadilly cats are gonna keep it ALFOS 4 LYFE, and this record right here is a total doozy, straddling the ol' Indie-Dance divide like an ad-hoc bridge built out of Bez, copies of Screamadelica and Pollock-patterned bucket hats. For you see, the hazy, Roses-esque jangle of Andy Bell’s debut solo album "The View From Halfway Down" has been radically reworked by synth-wielding maverick Pye Corner Audio. 
        The resulting EP offers squirming acid lines, thunderous 4/4, baggy breaks and hallucinogenic dreamscapes, all topped by the shifting shimmer of Andy's mystic vocals, themselves twisted into a whole new language. If that weren't enough to have you reaching for the glow sticks, Andy's also added an edit in his GLOK alias.


        Patrick says: Spectacularly psychedelic dancefloor tackle here as PCA unspools Andy Bell atop a plethora of spangled synthery. Indie Dance in its most essential form and totally recommended for the ALFOS / Baggy brigade. File next to Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, Weatherall and Unkle.


        1. Indica (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        2. Skywalker (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        3. Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        4. Love Comes In Waves (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        5. I Was Alone (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
        6. Indica (Pye Corner Audio Remix – GLOK Re-edit)

        Andy Bell

        The View From Halfway Down

          Ride guitarist/singer Andy Bell releases his debut solo album The View From Halfway Down on October 9. The product of a gradual, four-year process and finished during lockdown, the album was entirely written and recorded by Andy, engineered by Gem Archer and mastered by Heba Kadry.

          Back in 2016, Andy was inspired by David Bowie’s death to be more proactive about finishing his songs, more confident about sharing them and to channel all of this into finally making a solo album. He laid down some tracks in former Beady Eye and Oasis bandmate Gem’s studio, but got diverted when Ride’s live reunion blossomed into a full return. A run of two albums, an EP and two world tours later, it would take a pandemic to give Andy the space to complete The View From Halfway Down.

          “I’ve always wanted to make a solo album, I’ve always said I would do it, although I never imagined it happening like, or sounding like, this one does,” explains Andy. “I’d been sitting on this pile of almost finished tracks, along with all the other hundreds of ideas that had fallen by the wayside since I’ve been making music. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to find a way to present it to the world.

          “The album is not about songwriting. There aren’t many verses or choruses, because this album is about sounds, a listening experience.”

          From the ecstatic psych pop of ‘Love Comes In Waves’, to the heady loops of ‘Indica’ and deeply groove-led ‘Skywalker’, the eight tracks mix summery melodies with soundscapes and studio experimentation. The end result sits neatly between Ride’s widescreen shoegaze and GLOK’s textured electronics, variously inspired by The Stone Roses, Spacemen 3, The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beta Band, Stereolab, Neu!, Can, John Fahey, The Kinks, The La’s, The Who and the United States Of America.

          As for the album title, it comes from a particularly dark episode of BoJack Horseman and a poem that scriptwriter Alison Tafel wrote for the penultimate show. The spoiler-free version of the story goes like this: “The poem describes someone committing suicide by jumping to their death and the regret the protagonist experiences when he sees ‘the view from halfway down’. Although, of course, it’s too late to change what’s going to happen. I read this poem as having a message of suicide prevention: if you could see the view from halfway down, you would never go through with anything that would end your life. I’ve never been suicidal, but I felt really moved by this brilliant poem when I watched the show during Ride’s US tour in Autumn 2019. It’s an incredible message.

          “There was a small kind of a parallel with me, sitting at home in London in March 2020. In the early stages of lockdown, you could feel the tension in the air, causing what felt like a global panic attack. But, in common with what I’ve heard from others who can experience anxiety for no reason in their everyday lives, I felt strangely calm in the midst of all of this, seeing things in my life very clearly. Such clarity allowed me to finally compile this record. In a way, to see my life flash before me and be able to curate moments of it into a 40-minute listening experience, then find a title that would fit.

          “My upcoming 50th brought everything more sharply into focus. If you imagine that my entire life was a freefall jump to my death, and you were feeling optimistic about me reaching 100 like my Gran did and getting a telegram from the Queen, this album would be ‘the view from halfway down’.”

          So there you have it. The near death of a cartoon anti-hero and the actual death of a music legend, feeling the calm within a global pandemic and a musical turning point halfway through life all add up to one glorious, technicolour whole.


          Barry says: 'The View...' is a beautifully meditative, slowly unfolding journey from the mind of Andy Bell. Layers of reverb and delay follow the carefully picked riffs and shifting walls of sound. It's an album for really sitting down and listening all the way through, and in the current climate, that's a perfect thing. Lovely stuff.


          1. Love Comes In Waves
          2. Indica
          3. Ghost Tones
          4. Skywalker
          5. Aubrey Drylands Gladwell
          6. Cherry Cola
          7. I Was Alone
          8. Heat Haze On Weyland Road

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