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Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek

A Sides And B Sides - 2023 Reissue

    The summer after graduating from Berklee College of Music, Adrianne Lenker moved to New York City. She met Buck Meek the day she moved there, at a corner market called Mr. Kiwi (although, technically they had already played a show together in Boston, so they recognized each other but weren’t sure from where). The two explored the city by bicycle and eventually began to play songs together. "It was one of those friendships that developed extremely fast where suddenly you're each other's best friend," Lenker says. "We hung out every day from the moment we met.”

    Meek’s off-kilter, piercing guitar licks and solos are the perfect juxtaposition to bring Lenker’s melodic and stirring vocals and lyrics to fruition. "I guess what struck me as a songwriter then was that her songs all seemed to be really human, and really emotional, and really honest — vulnerable — but at the same time they all somehow had this ineffable quality," Meek says. "Like, all of that human content was serving as a medium for something beyond.”

    Soon they picked up a white conversion van, named her Bonnie, and made touring their whole lives. In 2014, songs crafted on the road were captured on two EPs released under the Buck and Anne moniker: one called a-sides and one called b-sides. Both warm, acoustic affairs.

    In the ensuing years, Adrianne and Buck joined with Max Oleartchik and James Krivchenia to form Big Thief, one of the most beloved bands in music today. a-sides and b-sides provide an early glimpse at what was soon to come, while standing on their own as documents of a deeply meaningful time in the creative lives of Lenker and Meek.


    01. Jonathan 2:09
    02. Money 3:57
    03. Kerina 2:51
    04. Miss Misty 2:48
    05. Indiana 2:37
    06. Yuki Onna 3:04
    07. I Still Hear You 3:26
    08. Angels 4:08
    09. A Better Time To Meet 3:09
    10. Carolina 2:30
    11. New York City 3:49
    12. Ringing Bells 3:49
    13. Row 1:51
    14. Wallet 3:42

    Adrianne Lenker

    Songs And Instrumentals

      'Songs And Instrumentals' are two distinct collections, both written and recorded in April after Big Thief’s March tour was abruptly cut short due to coronavirus. After returning to the states from Europe, Lenker decamped to a one room cabin in the mountains of western Massachusetts.

      The album’s stunning artwork are watercolor paintings done by Adrianne’s grandmother, Diane Lee.


      Barry says: There really is no stopping Lenker is there? (and why indeed would you want to?) 'Songs And Instrumentals' carries on the runaway success of Lenkers band, Big Thief but moves into the more subtle recesses of her songwriting prowess. Brittle in parts, but shining throughout, this is an accomplished and immersive outing.


      1. Two Reverse
      2. Ingydar
      3. Anything
      4. Forwards Beckon Rebound
      5. Heavy Focus
      6. Half Return
      7. Come
      8. Zombie Girl
      9. Not A Lot, Just Forever
      10. Dragon Eyes
      11. My Angel

      1. Music For Indigo
      2. Mostly Chimes

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