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When the whole world is asleep and it feels like it’s just you, on your own, it can be wonderfully calm or horribly isolating. Although the band have been in different locations this year, HÆLOS have often found themselves in the same sleepless state. Lotti navigating the early days of motherhood, Dom struggling with tinnitus and Daniel working nocturnal hours.

In this twilight search HÆLOS began exploring white noise and sharing ambient albums, gathering a palette of sounds that would form the basis of Somnum. Creating a standalone piece of music to coincide with World Sleep Day, Somnum is a mostly instrumental offering from HÆLOS. The band maintain their trademark cinematic soundscape whilst employing a more improvisational tone where the individual sounds are laid bare.


A1 Noctis
A2 Somnum
B1 Luna
B2 Aurora

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