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When Peggy Gou released her debut EP ‘Art of War’ in 2016, she made a list of career goals. One of them was to become the first South Korean DJ to play Berlin’s techno institution Berghain, an objective she achieved only a few months later. Another item on that list was to record an instalment of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series. “It’s the premier class of DJ mixes,” she says. “Some of my favourite selectors have contributed to it.” Now Peggy Gou can tick that off her list too as she proudly presents the 69th edition of the mix series.

The Berliner-by-choice started working on the mix last year. It was a busy time for the 28-year-old: she’d just scored her first Mixmag cover and her single ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’ was receiving awards and critical acclaim. Each month she would DJ in 20 nightclubs all over the world. And yet, the goal for her mix was ambitious: instead of trying to capture the energy of her DJ sets, she aimed to create a portrayal of her own musical journey. An 18-track listening session that takes you straight into Peggy Gou’s living room where she plays you the formative tunes from her collection. No genre boundaries – she moves across disco, house, techno and electro. No tempo limits – the mix ranges from 90 to 150 BPM. And no age restriction – the earliest tunes on the mix are from 1983.


Patrick says: DJ superstar, powerhouse producer and general woman of the moment, Peggy Gou has been smashing up the Piccadilly sales totals of late, and this compilation makes it clear where her influence stems from. Seamlessly moving through electro, bass, house and synthpop, the Korean producer leads us on a journey through the best bits of club music from the last 30 years. All in all a brilliantly immersive and hugely flexible collection from the superstar DJ.


1. Spacetime Continuum - Fluresence
2. Peggy Gou - Hungboo (DJ-Kicks)**
3. Pearson Sound - Earwig
4. Pegasus - Perseguido Por El Rayo
5. Sly And Lovechild - The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
6. Dorisburg - Rytm804
7. Hiver - Pert**
8. Kyle Hall - Flemmenup
9. DMX Krew - EPR Phenomena
10. JRMS - 3
11. Shades Of Rhythm - Exorcist
12. Kode 9 - Magnetic City
13. The System - Vampirella
14. Black Merlin - Kundu
15. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn
16. R-Tyme - Illusion (Mayday Remix)
17. Psyche - Crackdown
18. Deniro - Epirus
19. I:Cube - Cassette Jam 1993**

** Tracks Are Exclusive To This Compilation.

A1. Peggy Gou - Hungboo (DJ-Kicks)**
A2. The System - Vampirella
A3. Pegasus - Perseguido Por El Rayo
B1. I:Cube - Cassette Jam 1993**
B2. Sly And Lovechild - The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix)
C1. Deniro - Epirus
C2. Psyche - Crackdown
D1. Hiver - Pert**
D2. Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

** Tracks Are Exclusive To This Compilation.

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