Justice / Tame Impala

Erol Alkan Reworks

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Phantasy Sound

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Way back when (approx 12 years ago), in those glory days of dingy basements and gaffa taped trainers, a whole new genreration of dancers were taking a journey of musical discovery at the the invitation of one Erol Alkan and his banging clubnight Trash. Electroclash, nu-disco, post-punk, punk-funk, nu rave, techno, there was a fair bit of techno, and indie cuts all rubbed shoulders, pogoed and made out in the middle of the dancefloor, getting totally fucked up as Erol threw them into the blender. This series sees the Phantasy man showcase his ear for a tune and hand for a killer rework with retrospective series of his best reinterpretations.
Hey, remember "We Are Your Friends"? That Simian cut those French guys turned into the happiest, electro pop winner you'd ever heard. Yeah man, Justice are softies. Oh..wait..no..argghh...what the fuck? This is some heavy shit...yeah...yeah mate...YEAH...this is the new sound!... So went many a conversation when Justice erupted onto the scene in 2006 with the headbanging electro of "Waters Of Nazareth". Not wanted to be shown up by a couple of Frenchies, main man about town Erol snatched the stems and cut the track into a non stop riot of balck metal synths, over-compressed drums and horrorshow organ. Hot shit! Flip the disc and take savour another side of Erol, the mushroom chomping, sunbathing, woodland dwelling psychedelic side which birthed the excellent Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve project. Presumably dressed in some sort of cape, Erol worked his magic on modern-day Aussie nugget "Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind", creating a slice of dancefloor psych you'd expect Todd Rundgren to turn out if his fusion cuts were ever any good.

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