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After bursting onto the scene with a string of brilliant and brutal electro-disco bangers in the mid-noughties, Justice have toured the world rocking clubs and festivals, won a Grammy (for their killer remix of MGMT's "Electric Feel") and generally speaking been a couple of complete and utter dudes. They followed up their dope debut "†" with the proggy wig out of 2011's "Audio, Video, Disco", pushing their sound into unknown territories and taking the club crowds along for the ride. Brand new LP "Woman" finds the French duo older, wiser and more comfortable, celebrating the finer things in life and soundtracking summertime drives with your loved one and children. The brutal noise of their debut has been tamed and polished by love, offering instead a shimmering electro-funk complete with exultant pop motifs. Let there be Justice for all!


Patrick says: Gaspard & Xavier return with their third LP, offering an older, calmer and more mature take on the disco-flecked electro which saw them conquer the world a decade ago. "Woman" is an optimistic offering of shimmering synth pop for daytime discos with your nearest and dearest.


2. PLEASURE Justice
3. ALAKAZAM ! Justice
4. FIRE Justice
5. STOP Justice
6. CHORUS Justice
7. RANDY Justice
8. HEAVY METAL Justice
9. LOVE S.O.S Justice
10. CLOSE CALL Justice 

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