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As one of Chicago’s most mysterious and revered characters, the story of Gemini, aka Spencer Kincy has become something of a myth in recent years – blazing a trail throughout the 90’s, prolifically releasing over 200 tracks from 1994 to 1999, Spencer’s music had shades of innovation and soul few of his peers could match. Then, suddenly, at the peak of his career, he disappeared. Rumours and gossip of Spencer’s whereabouts and situation have been rife in the music press, and rarely on the money. Spencer is alive and well, and wants his music to be heard. This album has been licensed directly from him, and the money made from this reissue will go directly to him. Originally released on Cajual subsidiary Relief in 1997, "Imagine-A-Nation" is Gemini’s most complete and varied album. You may well know the music - every track is on youtube, or you have picked up one of the very expensive original pressings on discogs, but here it is, in its fully re-mastered glory! Spencer runs through a myriad of basslines, more rhythmic changes than your average free drumming record and an orchestra’s worth of sample snippets, and still makes sure that each track bumps like it should. In fact the drum programming on this album is enough on its own to garner a five star review. Snares and hats snap and crackle, ricochetting off the solid kick, while sounding like they’ve been lifted off short circuiting 808s and 909s. It's inventive, addictive and irresistible. 


A1 Native To America
A2 It's The Inside That Counts
B1 Don't Look Back
B2 Falling Leaves
C1 Stand Up
C2 How Can I Chill?
C3 What You're Gonna Do?
D1 Future Beat I
D2 Future Beat II
D3 Future Beat III

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