Meat For A Dark Day

Vanity Unfair

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Lyrically engaging and musically sharp, Meat for a Dark Day are a Sheffield rock and roll band, featuring ex-Fat Truckers vocalist Mark Hudson. Their debut single for Thee SPC illustrates perfectly the two different sides of the band: from the beautiful mournful kitchen sink tale "Three Mallards" to the unreconstructed garage swagger of "Vanity Unfair". The band's musical influences are wide and far from predictable, but they certainly share something in common with artists whose names are often mentioned by reviewers; Smog, Nick Cave, The Fall, early Ten Benson, Arab Strap, Jesus and Mary Chain, Tom Waits. Meat For A Dark Day produced this single with Ross Orton (MIA, Fat Truckers, Jarvis Cocker) and Dean Honer (All Seeing Eye, I Monster, Add N to (X)).

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