Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips

Image of Wooden Shjips - Wooden ShjipsImage of Wooden Shjips - Wooden Shjips
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Holy Mountain

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Our review from 2007:
"San Francisco four piece Wooden Shjips first came to our attention in February this year when we heard the blistering sonic guitar attack that is "Dance California", and we have been waiting on the album ever since. Mixing a loose, funky drum beat, groovy bass-lines, droning organ, fuzz guitar and incomprehensible lyrics isn't rocket science and so many do it that it is easy to get lost in the also-rans. Fortunately Wooden Shjips tower above the best of the rest with their swirling maelstrom of psychedelic space rock. Without doubt slaves to the groove, the Shjips quite simply lock your body into a heavy trance like strut, whilst lifting the lid on your head and teleporting your brain to the outer reaches of the universe."


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