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Unwashed acid house and disco through a broken South London filter - from ‘70s New York bathhouses to ‘80s Chicago nightclubs via the Brixton Windmill. Bring a towel.

Decius is brothers Liam and Luke May, founders of Trashmouth Records, together with Quinn Whalley (Paranoid London/Warmduscher) and Fat White Family frontman Lias Saoudi.

Those with an ear to the ground will have picked up on a string of self-released 12”s over the last few years, supported by the likes of Daniel Avery, Honey Dijon, Ivan Smagghe, Mike Servito, 2 Many DJs, Moxie and Erol Alkan. Decius Vol. I is a lean entry point to their sordid world – dark, uncut, unrefined and unrepentant.


Barry says: Fractured late-nite disco grooves and scattered post-punk saturation on this hefty number from all sorts of experienced production talent. Drawing a line between NY Loft party rhythms and gritty acid house via soulful disco, it's a combination not be missed and a melting pot that doesn't disappoint. Ace.


1. A1. Ain’t No Church (4:39)
2. A2. Masculine Encounter II (3:42)
3. A3. Look Like A Man (3:56)
4. B1. Bread & Butter (3:52)
5. B2. I-Get-Ov (3:41)
6. B3. Macbeth (4:34)
7. C1. Bitch Tracker II (4:32)
8. C2. Quick Reliefs (4:49)
9. C3. Come To Me Villa (4:29)
10. D1. Show Me No Tears (5:05)
11. D2. U-Instead Of Thought (5:33)
12. D3. Roberto’s Tumescence (5:37)

CD Bonus Disc:
1. Decius - Look Like A Man (Trashmouth Mix) (3:30)
2. Decius - Rupture Boutique II (5:06)
3. Decius - U-Instead Of Thought (Decius X Trashmouth Dub) (5:45)
4. Decius - Hashtag Booty Finger (3:07)
5. Decius - Werk This (4:15)
6. Decius - Taste Like Leathers (5:04)
7. Decius - House Of Con-Fu-Sion (4:04)
8. Decius - Cream Shudder (4:05)
9. Decius - Delicate SF (5:00)
10. Gensi - Primavera 707 (Decius Remix) (5:28)
11. Yawn - Nothing Else Is Real (Decius Remix) (5:56)
12. Taman Shud - Hex Inverted (Decius Remix) (7:02)

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