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Motion Of Waves

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Emotional Rescue

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Group Du Jour was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1983 and have had a storied career spanning the decades since. They have always brought together live, ethnic, and electronic sounds with folk and modern pop, later getting ever more experimental. Early albums Forgotten Colors in 1986 and Wonderful Vision in 1988 are groundbreaking affairs, the latter of which gave rise to 'Motion Of Waves', which is something of a cult favourite for deep diggers. It is a rich instrumental groove that layers up synthesiser, flute, guitar and haunting vocals sitting over a brilliantly electric beat. The whole thing was a live one-take recording and is perfectly suited to both sunset and sunup moments of dancing pleasure.


Mine says: Absolutely beautiful record by one of my favourite reissue labels, I especially love the percussion on this. Emotional Rescue always dig out the best stuff!


"Motion Of Waves"
"Motion Of Waves" (Cassette Mix)
"We Travel Dark Waters"

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