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Voices 2

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Building on the musical material of the first record, VOICES 2 extends the musical language into a purely instrumental and abstract direction. Where the first part of the project is very focused on the text of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, the 2nd part opens up a musical space to let these words and ideas sink in.


Barry says: Richter is never one to stay on the same theme for too long. He's worked on soundtracks and solo albums, but his 'Voices' project from last year was an interesting and important new direction. The second instalment of the same sees the spoken word swapped out in order to focus on the gorgeous musical phrasing and leaning more into his neo-classical roots. I've never been anything but imporessed with any of Richter's work, and this is no exception. Lovely stuff.


1. Psychogeography
2. Mirrors
3. Follower
4. Solitaries
5. Movement Study
6. Prelude 2
7. Colour Wheel
8. Origins (Solo)
9. Little Requiems (Cello Version)
10. Mercy Duet

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