Louie Vega

Another Day In My Life / Deep Burnt

Image of Louie Vega - Another Day In My Life / Deep Burnt
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Nervous Records

About this item

Two tracks from Louie Vega's "Expansions In The NYC" LP given the 12" treatment. On “Another Day In My Life” Louie Vega incorporates elements of the classic jam “Never Had A Love So Good” by Charles Johnson (fully cleared and licensed from the legendary Henry Stone Music Company), and creates a driving, hands aloft, soul-infused club anthem that has 'last track at Southport Weekender' written all over it. On the B side, Louie works with his long time collaborator Axel Tosca as well as legendary Chicago DJ / vocalist Mike Dunn to create his own very soulful and New York flavored interpretation of the renowned 1999 "Deep Burnt" song by Pepe Bradock, done of course with Pepe Bradock's blessings and appreciation.


A. Another Day In My Life
AA. Deep Burnt Feat. Axel Tosca 

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