DMX Krew

Whispers III

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Mystic & Quantum

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Veteran electrohead and former artist on the Rephlex Records roster DMX Krew's Ed DMX takes the well-known story by Jorge Luis Borges of The Library of Babel, said to contain all the different languages of the earth. Some deep philosophical thought has gone into the album's concept, but we'll leave that to Ed to explain. Instead, we'll tell you that from beginning to end there's plenty of the kind of trademark 80s synth playfulness in evidence, with a generally more mellow and soundtrack-related rather than frenetic and dancefloor-filling vibe in evidence, even on faster tracks like 'The Combed Thunderclap'. Still, Ed knows what he's doing when it comes to this kind of leftfield electro gear, and it's a rewarding, never boring listen.


Side 1
1. Dog
2. O Time Your Pyramids
3. MCV
4. Infinite Staircase Ascending

Side 2
1. Axaxaxas MLO
2. The Combed Thunderclap
3. The Plaster Cramp
5. Infinite Staircase Descending

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