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Still Got It

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Cold Blow

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Synthesizer maestro, Rephlex alumni, Fresh Up and Breakin' records founder, and resident DMX Krew channels Prince's spirit, picking up his electro-pop / synth-funk hat for a fizzy n squelchy electro-funk four tracker of epic proportions! 
Also featuring archive gem circa "We Are DMX" and previously CD only dub version of "Cold Love".

The titular track “Still Got It” is a brand new production with vocal and dub versions of driving bassline and Linn fills, exclaiming “I still got the music in me, and it sets me free!” amidst heartbreak. Teardrops on the dancefloor, anyone?

On the flip side, we are treated with an archive gem from the Rephlex era! The Telex-like pacey vocoder synth pop “Paranoia” was recorded around the time of “We Are DMX” album in 1999, and what a treat it is!

The closing track is the only previously released one. A dub version of “Cold Love” borrowed from the Japan-exclusive, CD-only 2005 album “Kiss Goodbye” which Cold Blow has announced to be reissued soon! 


Matt says: Machine tweaker and cybernetic b-boy Edward Upton revs up his classic moniker for a Prince-indebted EP of killer electro-funk swathed in the producer's trademark synthesis and punchy drum rhythms.


A1. Still Got It
A2. Still Got It Dub
B1. Paranoia
B2. Cold Dub

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