DJ Righteous

Untitled (Vol. 14)

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Record Label
Just What The World Needs

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Just What The World Needs returns to their own self-titled label with a 14th outing of fiery disco heat. This is potent music that melds together jazz, funk and soul with a lashing of synth goodness. The opener is a real driver with emotive gospel vocals and mad jazz keys and the flip side comes on strong with jazz say leading the way beneath vaping chords and funky, smooth drums. Last of all is a supercharged leftfield bomb with explosive cosmic synths and the sort of energy that stands out in any set.


Mine says: Driving disco with that Theo flair; acidic proto-house with a cinematic twist; and summery clarinet-guided jazz-funk. DJ Righteous certainly keeps us on our toes across three fresh edits.


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