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Love's Arrival - 2023 Reissue

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Re-issue of this essential Larry Heard album from the early 2000's. Presented in a DJ friendly, triple vinyl package and adding some of the favorites from CD release like "Deja Vu" and "Missing you (Jazz Cafe Mix)" to the vinyl package. There's a bonus track too - "Luminous Energy" from the same sessions but previously unreleased. 

For newcomers: prepare to be swept away on a bliss cloud of deep house pleasure. A dazzling array of instrumentation (and Larry's own vocals), creating a rich and luxureous sound thats fathoms apart from the souless, dial-a-preset version of bastardized EDM-house that, ironically, became the go-to for much of the American public. We were always a bit more discerning over here, which is why this album became such a cult-collected classic - often fetching up to £100 2nd hand. Every house lover needs a copy of this in their collection - don't miss out this time round! 


01 Praise
02 Riverside Drive
03 Deja Vu
04 Dew Drops
05 Another Night
06 When I Think Of You
07 To Try
08 Loves Arrival Dub
09 Missing You (jazz Cafe Mix)
10 Havana
11 Until The Last Goodbye
12 Direct Drive
13 Luminous Energy

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