The 13th Floor

Steppin' Out

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Record Label
ReGrooved Records

About this item

Originally released on Blue Candle Records in 1977, Steppin' Out by the 13th Floor is a true treasure that deserves a cherished place in the collection of every soul and funk connoisseur. This long-awaited reissue brings back the original magic, preserving the essence and impact it had on the music scene.
Its profound influence on bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers is undeniable, solidifying its status as an essential gem in the annals of musical history.

Now, with this reissue, you have the opportunity to experience the same captivating rhythms and infectious melodies that captivated audiences decades ago. Are you ready to awaken your boogie spirit and infuse your living room with the long-lost spark of the mid-seventies? Brace yourself for an immersive experience as you surrender to the timeless grooves and soulful vibes that will transport you to a bygone era of musical enchantment. Allow the music to ignite your soul, reigniting the vibrant energy of the past
and instilling in you an irresistible urge to groove like never before.


Side A
A1 Sweet Thang
A2 Teffany
A3 Time And Place
A4 Hang Loose
A5 Steppin' Out
Side B
B1 Sweet Lovely Girl
B2 Get Up
B3 Leanin
B4 Rise

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