Caramel 3000 / Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties / Pedro Bertho / My Friend Dario

File Under Balearic Gabba

Image of Caramel 3000 / Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties / Pedro Bertho / My Friend Dario - File Under Balearic Gabba
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Hell Yeah Recordings

About this item

File Under Balearic Gabba EP is the first in a new series of serious DJ tools that will encompass remixes, edits, originals and licenses, all with artwork that is a twist on the original Balearic Gabba logo by PlanetLuke. Up first is a new selection of music from core Hell Yeah artists that is unruly, impossible to define, and sure to twist dance floors inside out.

First up is Daniel Klein better known as SIRS, a Berlin-based mainstay with releases on the likes of Live At Robert Johnson. His cut of 'Super Rapido' is a dubbed-out blend of kosmiche chug and tropical percussion. Tumbling synth sequences bring extra colour as the groove builds over nine irresistible minutes.

Then comes Japanese downtempo master Calm with his Mellow Mellow Acid Dub of Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties's 'Sometimes' which is a nostalgic acid daydream and the perfect sunset soundtrack. Melancholic moods and lazy drums sink you in deep as the gentle acoustic guitars keep you afloat.

Label regular and Internasjonal and International Feel associate Fee Fly then comes through with an Estatico Danzante Remix of Pedro Bertho's 'Tornei' feat Mariana Gehring and takes us to the stars on twinkling keys, dusty breakbeats and steamy, worldly vocals that glow as warm as a setting sun.

Last of all is New York maestro and Loose Control Band member DJ Spun with his It's Rong Remix of My Friend Dario's 'Acid Mosquito in a Summer Night'. It finds him serving up a nine-minute excursion into jungle humidity with tribal percussion and jumbled bongos all run through with a spooky and primeval lead synth over lurching drum breaks.

The File Under Balearic Gabba EP brings a whole new dimension to wonky dance floor workouts.


A1. Caramel 3000 - Super Rapido (SIRS Cut)
A2. Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties - Sometimes Remember (Calm's Mellow Mellow Acid Dub)
B1. Pedro Bertho - Tornei (feat Mariana Gehring - Feel Fly Estatico Danzante Remix)
B2. My Friend Dario - Acid Mosquito In A Summer Night (DJ Spun It's Rong Remix)

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