Benedikt Frey

She's Lost Control

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Emotional Response

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Emotional Response's 10th-anniversary celebration are brought to a superb close with Benedikt Frey. He serves up a magnificently dubbed out and psychedelic cover version of Joy Division's 'She's Lost Control across four different versions. The vocal version might be the best - it retinas that compelling dark drum funk you expect from the band with eerie synth additions and hefty bass. The instrumental is more slow and dubbed out in a traditional sense with the Lucas Croon dub doused in endless reverb. Last of all is a dub by Frey himself that is full of open space and bass bin distorting headiness.


Andy says: Beautiful cover of the Joy Division classic which keeps all the darkness and feel of the original (and some!) whilst smartly re-interpreting it enough to stand on its own two feet. The dub version on the flip is kinda creeping and doomy; a really powerful cut. Recommended!


She's Lost Control (Vocal Version)
She's Lost Control (Instrumental Version)
She's Lost Control (Lucas Croon Dub)
She's Lost Control (Dub)

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