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Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself - OST

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About this item

Let’s Eat Grandma, the duo composed of songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, have composed an entirely original soundtrack for a new Netflix thriller series, ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’. The 25 track score is released in full via Transgressive.

Rosa and Jenny said the following of their experience of composing their first ever score for a series: “Working on the OST for ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’ has certainly been a very informative process and a wonderful new experience which has shaped and broadened the way we write and think about music. We’re always looking for ways to move forward musically, and we think being part of a bigger project with lots of other people all working creatively in different ways has been so valuable and inspiring.”

Colm McCarthy (‘Black Mirror: Black Museum’, ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’), an executive producer and the director of the first four episodes, added: “Let’s Eat Grandma were the first track on the mood playlist that I put together for the show. Joe Barton was a big fan too and we reached out to them while still in the early stages of casting. Even though they had never done a score before it just felt like they would do something original and authentic. Something about the score coming from such young voices feels really cool in this story about the transition from childhood to adulthood. Rosa and Jenny collaborated brilliantly, giving us an amazing score. Emotional, scary, heart-pounding, epic and personal, it is strange and evocative and a huge part of the unique identity of our show. They sculpted with organic, acoustic elements and grungy electronica to make something really magical. It has the DNA of the band running through it but also feels so intrinsic to our world.”


Barry says: I'm a big fan of Let's Eat Grandma, and while this soundtrack has all of the beautiful pop charm of their most recent LP (still a near-constant play on my home stereo), it's interesting to hear their meticulously crafted sound pulled apart into more expansive, cinematic numbers.


1. Half Bad
2. Mouse Feet
3. Money Spiders
4. Don't Pull The Knife Out It Will
5. Only Bleed Quicker
6. Blood Nails
7. Half Bad 2
8. Nathan's Training Theme
9. Trapped In The Washing
10. Machine
11. Annalise & Nathan
12. Romance
13. Half Bad 3
14. Rhythmic Creatures
15. Rhythmic Creatures 2
16. Wanted You To Share It
17. Funeral
18. Kicking Up Dust
19. Jessica's Gift Giving
20. Mercury's Theme
21. Mouse Feet In Paris
22. Nathan & Marcus
23. Kiss & Push
24. Speech Is Silver, Silence Is
25. Golden
26. Magical Recreations Of
27. Murders In The Kitchen
28. Skin Shimmers
29. End Credits

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