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Yeah Yeah We're Helen Love

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A compilation to celebrate 30 years of Helen Love! Featuring the best singles, album tracks, rarities, and fan favourites!

“Almost all the songs on here were recorded on an 8-track second-hand tape machine. We recorded everything ourselves, we mixed them ourselves in the attic, we made all our sleeves on the back of cornflake boxes, Pritt-sticked, cut-outs from The Face and Nintendo magazine covers and a sheet of Letraset. We couldn't play, we used auto accompaniment pre-sets off old Casio keyboards, and an old Woolworth electric guitar. There was only going to be one single. No plan... we still haven't got a plan… we are still here though 30 years later. Punk Rock forever! Xxx” HELEN LOVE 2022


Barry says: A stunning collection of the life and times of Helen Love. Featuring 33 of their most well beloved punk smashers from 30 years in the business, INCLUDING the version of Punk Boy featuring none other than Joey Ramone. Essential collection.


1. Yeah Yeah We’re Helen Love
2. Punk Boy 1
3. Beat Him Up
4. King Of Kung Fu
5. Girl About Town
6. Sunburst Super Kay
7. So In Love With You
8. Leader Of The Pack
9. Long Live The UK Music Scene
10. So Hot
11. Ahead Of The Race
12. Joey Ramoney
13. Jump Up And Down
14. Shifty Disco Girl
15. Atomic Beat Boy
16. Let’s Go
17. We Love You
18. Put Your Foot On The Fuzzbox Baby
19. Bubblegum
20. Rockaway Beach For Me, Heartbreak Hotel For You
21. Great In Formula One
22. Long Hot Summer
23. Happyhardcore
24. MC5
25. Does Your Heart Go Boom?
26. Love, Kiss, Run, Sing, Shout, Jump!
27. Debbie Loves Joey
28. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight)
29. Diet Coke Girl
30. Wig Wam Bam
31. Punk Boy (Feat. Joey Ramone)
32. Golden Summer
33. Summer Pop Radio

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