Boy Harsher

Careful - 2023 Reissue

Image of Boy Harsher - Careful - 2023 ReissueImage of Boy Harsher - Careful - 2023 Reissue
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Nude Club

About this item

The ten songs on Boy Harsher’s second full length album, Careful, spanning forty-four minutes, contain eerie narrative soundscapes that are both bracing, high tempo and dynamic. The album delivers manifold emotions, from the nostalgic yearning of “LA” to the gripping intensity of “Come Closer”. The nervousness of Augustus Muller's bent, out of tune synths paired with the lush and sometimes brittle vocals of Jae Matthews, delivers an unsettled, yet fulfilling encounter with Boy Harsher. Careful summons a new spirit for the young band - that of growth and desire. 


1. Keep Driving
2. Face The Fire
3. Fate
4. LA
5. Come Closer
6. They Look You Gave (Jerry)
7. Tears
8. Crush
9. Lost
10. Careful 

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