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Elbow release their much anticipated ninth studio album, ‘Flying Dream 1’. 

Like most bands I imagine, Elbow spent lockdown in isolation, writing and exchanging musical ideas remotely. These 'little love notes' as Guy calls them formed the basis of the LP and the band finally convened at the empty Brighton Theatre Royal to perfect, perform, and record the songs.

 For the most part, it's an album about love and relationships, family and friends. Things that have been brought sharply into focus for many people over the last 18 months. And Guy's lyrics are as wonderful as ever: poetic, romantic, nostalgic but never cloying.  

There are no big anthems here, instead we're treated to lush melodies and delicate instrumentation, twinkling keys, brushed drums and Guy's soothing tones, even the inclusion of clarinets, saxophones and backing vocals are done with subtlety and grace, adding depth without stepping too far out of the lulling mood. It's a wonderfully understated album that feels somehow fitting for these strange times. 40 odd minutes of calm, amidst the turmoil and anxiety of the world. 



Barry says: Flying Dream epitomises that dreamy, melodic sound we've come to know from Elbow, and is full of the spine-tingling euphoric moments that have peppered albums of recent years. Lead single 'Six Words' is classic, beautiful melodic fare and is echoed throughout the rest of this collection. A worthy addition to any collection.


Flying Dream 1
After The Eclipse
Is It A Bird
Six Words
Calm And Happy
Come On, Blue
The Only Road
Red Sky Radio (Baby Baby Baby)
The Seldom Seen Kid
What Am I Without You

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