Anna Meredith

Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For Dodgems

Image of Anna Meredith - Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For DodgemsImage of Anna Meredith - Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For DodgemsImage of Anna Meredith - Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For DodgemsImage of Anna Meredith - Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies For Dodgems
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About this item

Bumps Per Minute is a full-throttle reinvention of the traditional fairground dodgems, from Mercury Award-shortlisted composer, producer and musician Anna Meredith. The music is part of the DODGE installation, which can be experienced until 22nd August at Somerset House.

For Bumps Per Minute, Meredith has collaborated with BAFTA-winning sound artist Nick Ryan to design a bespoke tracking technology so that every thump, bump and swerve of the 18 dodgems around the track can trigger a separate composition. This results in a kind of ultimate shuffle where high octane music and ideas compete for airtime and each performance is unique. The installation will occur approximately every hour at DODGE through the day/evening.

The idea for Bumps Per Minute came about when the composer was thinking about what might be a more pandemic friendly replacement for the ice rink at Somerset House where she has her studio. The idea grew from there and now this summer DODGE is taking over the main courtyard at Somerset House, featuring a full smorgasbord of Yinka Ilori designs, DJs, food, drink and of course, dodgem rides.

Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies for Dodgems features full-length individual musical identities of all 18 dodgems – each one a bold and distinct musical track in its own right as well an intro and outro track (voiced by comedian Rob Broderick).

The key to both the dodgems themselves and the release is a user ‘driven’ triggering and shuffling of the material. Meredith encourages the listener to ‘take the driving seat’ and jump from one track to another, mirroring the real dodgem ride, shuffling and curating their own listening experience via the virtual interactive dodgems page or their preferred listening platform.

Bumps Per Minute: 18 Studies for Dodgems explodes out of the starting gate with Meredith’s uncategorisable sound and signature energy, combining fairground wildness with a healthy dose of the nostalgic electronics of old school gaming.

On the composition, Meredith says “I approached writing these 18 tracks like little exercises, making identities that are bold, playful and characterful but without beats, percussion or any acoustic elements and relying on my skills to create melodic and harmonic based energy”. She continues “they’re also less about musical development than my orchestral work or material in my studio albums, these tracks are only themselves and unapologetically so, and that freed me up to unleash some pretty bonkers ideas, knowing it’s about these bold switches - like a sort of musical Whacky Races…"


Barry says: I'm not going to pretend that this isn't an unhinged selection of neon synth stabs and video-game soundtrack influenced fairground music, because that's absolutely what it is but I would also be amiss if I didn't say it's also wildly inventive, heavy af and undeniably brilliant. What madness.


A2 BPM 100
A3 BPM 144
A4 BPM 108
A5 BPM 178
A6 BPM 62
A7 BPM 124
A8 BPM 112
A9 BPM 130

B1 BPM 200
B2 BPM 72
B3 BPM 104
B4 BPM 131
B5 BPM 110
B6 BPM 109
B7 BPM 101
B8 BPM 194
B9 BPM 155
B10 BPM 107

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