Mind Maintenance

Mind Maintenance

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Drag City

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Drag City drift out of their comfort zone here to provide our Balearic beards and ambient fans with an unlikely record of the year contender. Rather than their usual (and top notch) indie, the label host Joshua Abrams and Chad Taylor's guimbri and mbira duets as Mind Maintenance. As the duo harness their inner Reich, Glass and Riley through a cascade of shimmering hypnotism, it becomes clear that the name was no accident. Part improvised, part composed, the dream like tracks see the duo fall into a rhythmic trance, fusing the exoticism of fourth world ambient with the traditional music of th Gnawa and Shona people. Soothing, serene and at time stunning music ideal for meditative moods and chakra realignment.


Patrick says: Perfectly titled, "Mind Maintenance" is a immersive excursion into hypnotic repetition and shimmering rhythm. Entirely comprised of guimbri and mbira duets, the LP recalls Glass, Reich and Riley's repositioning of gamelan with a distinctly African aesthetic. A stunning listen from start to finish.


Glow & Glimmer
The Ladder
Snap Yr Teeth
Cyclic Bloom
Slack Water
Complete Rain
Mental Eyes

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