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Burials In Several Earths

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Room 13

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Burials In Several Earths is a brand new work by the legendary Radiophonic Workshop, the soundtrack architects behind classic British TV music such as Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. An evocative suite of synth improvisations, Burials In Several Earths evokes the haunting qualities of their classic work whilst exploring fresh new vistas of sound.

Conjuring up atmospheric, immersive textures that mix tried-and-trusted analogue techniques and leading edge digital technologies, the release connects the dots between the work of pioneering British electronic composers such as Delia Derbyshire and artists whose work bares the unmistakable genetic footprint of the Radiophonic Workshop: the likes of Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Pye Corner Audio and Children Of Alice.

Features guest appearances from Martyn Ware (The Human League/Heaven 17) and Steve ‘Dub’ Jones (Grammy-award winning mixing engineer for The Chemical Brothers, UNKLE, and New Order).

Both editions designed by David Chatton Barker, founder of the acclaimed Folklore Tapes label. The titling of the album and individual tracks were inspired by Francis Bacon’s incomplete 1627 literary work New Atlantis, previously used by one of the founders of the Workshop, Daphne Oram, as a manifesto for the original sound sorcery they famously produced in room 13 of the BBC Maida Vale studio complex in London. Room 13 is also the name of the Workshop’s newly minted label!


Barry says: Immersive, visceral library electronica, bubbling synths and clattering machinated noises form into an exuberant and exciting tour-de-force of noise and melody. It's a journey this one, but one i'd undertake time and time again. What legends.


CD Tracklisting
Disc 1
01. Burials In Several Earths
02. Things Buried In Water

Disc 2
01. Some Hope Of Land
02. Not Come To Light
03. The Strangers’ House

4 X10" Tracklisting
A1. Burials In Several Earths Part 1
B1. Burials In Several Earths Part 2
C1. Things Buried In Water Part 1
D1. Things Buried In Water Part 2
E1. Some Hope Of Land Part 1
F1. Some Hope Of Land Part 2
G1. Some Hope Of Land Part 3 (Alternate Mix)
G2. Not Come To Light
H1. The Strangers’ House

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