Life Is A Mirror

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Space Grapes

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More, new, authentic disco action from the Space Grapes firm. Round one and its repress sold out in super quick time and I reckon this one will follow suit...

Intent on bringing the good times back to the dancefloor, GALXTC's "Life Is A Mirror" sees the hustle and bustle of late '70s disco brought kicking and screaming into 2021 via a fat pressing and a high definition mix master. Like classic P&P, Brass Construction and Womack & Womack its driven by the familiar thud and whack of congas before being laced with funky clavs, grasping guitar licks and cranium-twisting keyboard solos. The formular is classic but the nuances and details are fresh and unique! 

Three version, with a dub and a version to give the working DJ as many options as possible.

Limited copies - buy now or cry later! 


Life Is A Mirror
Life Is A Mirror (Dub)
Life Is A Mirror (Version)

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