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Instrumental version of the amazing "Bandana" album from 2019. You know the score by now... Madlib's beats are just sooo juicy and nice, he normally releases them separately to the artist's vocal album.

Such was the case with "Pinata" and now "Bandana", the unofficial follow-up, continues the trend. One of hip-hop's most respected beat makers shows no signs of losing his edge in his forties - he's still one of the best in the business!

Unlike "Pinata"'s glamourising, flamboyant celebration of the drug game (albeit with some rather cutting lyrics), "Bandana"'s beats highlight the claustrophobic, tense and unbridled darkness that also comes with it. Smothered in a foreboding, dready weight, the perfect canvas for Gibbs' black hearted lyrics. 


Matt says: Madlib's killer beats always deserve a seperate album to themselves and no more so is this apparant than the claustophobic and edgy tension of "Bandana".


Side 1.

1. Obrigado (0:50)
2. Freestyle Shit (2:24)
3. Half Manne Half Cocaine (2:53)
4. Crime Pays (3:05)
5. Massage Seats (2:26)
6. Palmolive (4:08)
7. Fake Names (3:44)
8. Flat Tummy Tea (2:38)

Side 2.

1. Situations (2:47)
2. Giannis (3:22)
3. Practice (2:44)
4. Cataracts (3:39)
5. Gat Damn (2:50)
6. Education (4:22)
7. Soul Right (3:27)

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