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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Piñata - 2021 Repress

    Freddie Gibbs is the product of violent, drug-laden streets but unlike most rappers with similar resumes, he brings the block to the booth without inhibition or an exaggerated rap persona. 'Piñata', a 17 track collaboration with producer Madlib, is the best distillation yet of his transparent approach to making music, combining an at times stark honesty with electrifying talent as a lyricist and performer. Piñata is “a gangster Blaxploitation film on wax,” says Gibbs, who came up on the streets of Gary, Indiana, the disregarded city previously best known for producing Michael Jackson. Here he is joined by Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Raekwon, Scarface, Domo Genesis, Ab-Soul and a host of others in setting his soliloquies of the streets alongside film snippets and dusted funk, soul and prog musical tapestries. While this is the latest in a series of single-artist collaborations for Madlib, after Jaylib (J Dilla), 'Madvillainy' (MF Doom) and the street-centric 'OJ Simpson' with Detroit’s Guilty Simpson, the pairing is unique as it is the first time for Gibbs working with just one producer. On 'Piñata', where Gibbs can shift from textbook lessons in robbing and drugging on trackslike “Scarface” and “Knicks,” to perhaps the album’s most personal song, “Broken,” a collaboration with Scarface, who, along with Tupac, DMX and 50 Cent, make up the rapper’s own Mount Rushmore of MCs (“You’re getting a hurricane of all those motherfuckers hitting you at once when you listen to Freddie Gibbs,” he says). “Deeper,” a Gibbs favorite and the third single from the album after “Thuggin’” (2012) and “Shame,” (2013) is an ode to hip-hop in the mold of Common’s “I Used to Love HER”; “High,” featuring Danny Brown, is self-explanatory and just what you would expect from Gibbs, Madlib and one of Detroit’s finest; while on “Real,” Gibbs addresses an old score just as Michael Corleone settled all family business on baptism day. As a producer, Madlib, quite simply, is music. And ten years into his career - a time when other artists become comfortable - Gibbs remains restless, focused, with an eye on the competition and their position relative to his ascent. This is because mentally, he’s still on the corner hustling, which would be the downfall of the average rapper. With 'Piñata', Gibbs confirms that he is anything but average.


    SIDE A
    1. Supplier
    2. Scarface
    3. Deeper
    4. High Ft. Danny Brown
    5. Harold’s

    SIDE B
    6. Bomb Ft. Raekwon
    7. Shitsville
    8. Thuggin’
    9. Real
    10. Uno

    SIDE C
    11. Robes Ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt
    12. Broken Ft. Scarface
    13. Lakers Ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester The Saint

    SIDE D
    14. Knicks
    15. Shame Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid
    16. Watts Ft. Big Time Watts
    17. Piñata Ft. Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko, & Mac Miller

    Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

    Piñata (The 1974 Version)

      3000 copies only worldwide. This special version of Piñata, the acclaimed rap album from 2014 that debuted at Number 39 on Billboard’s Top 200, is presented for RSD 2020 in a unique variant cover. Acclaimed designer Jeff Jank finds inspiration for the cover in the unique graphics and content of 1970s Blaxploitation films for Pinata: Blaxploitation Version exclusively for Record Store Day 2020.


      A Side.
      1. Supplier
      2. Scarface
      3. Deeper
      4. High (ft. Danny Brown)
      5. Harold’s
      6. Bomb (ft. Raekwon)
      7. Shitsville
      8. Thuggin’
      9. Real
      10. Uno

      B Side.
      1. Robes (ft. Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt)
      2. Broken (ft. Scarface)
      3. Lakers (ft. Ab-Soul & Polyester The Saint)
      4. Knicks
      5. Shame (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid)
      6. Watts (ft. Big Time Watts)
      7. Piñata (ft. Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko, & Mac Miller)

      More exclusive 12" hits taken from the most recent Freddie Gibbs & Madlib album: "Bandana". The fiery “Half Manne Half Cocaine” and “Palmolive” both come with instrumentals and also included is two bonus tracks: "Zebras In The Mist" and "Night Vision".

      "Bandana" was released last year to critical acclaim and is the second album featuring Madlib & Freddie Gibbs.

      Limited edition in picture sleeve!


      says: Freddie & Madlib: like chocolate and crisps, prosceco and lemon cake and coffee and donuts; has become a well established & very pleasing combo. The Atanta-raised pottymouth and California's most blunted shove two fingers up to rest of the hip-hop industry.


      A1. Half Manne Half Cocaine (Vocal Version)
      A2. Half Manne Half Cocaine (Instrumental)
      A3. Zebras In The Mist (Bonus Beat)
      B1. Palmolive (feat. Pusha T & Killer Mike)
      B2. Palmolive (Instrumental)
      B3. Night Vision (Bonus Beat)

      Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

      Bandana Beats

      Instrumental version of the amazing "Bandana" album from 2019. You know the score by now... Madlib's beats are just sooo juicy and nice, he normally releases them separately to the artist's vocal album.

      Such was the case with "Pinata" and now "Bandana", the unofficial follow-up, continues the trend. One of hip-hop's most respected beat makers shows no signs of losing his edge in his forties - he's still one of the best in the business!

      Unlike "Pinata"'s glamourising, flamboyant celebration of the drug game (albeit with some rather cutting lyrics), "Bandana"'s beats highlight the claustrophobic, tense and unbridled darkness that also comes with it. Smothered in a foreboding, dready weight, the perfect canvas for Gibbs' black hearted lyrics. 


      says: Madlib's killer beats always deserve a seperate album to themselves and no more so is this apparant than the claustophobic and edgy tension of "Bandana".


      Side 1.

      1. Obrigado (0:50)
      2. Freestyle Shit (2:24)
      3. Half Manne Half Cocaine (2:53)
      4. Crime Pays (3:05)
      5. Massage Seats (2:26)
      6. Palmolive (4:08)
      7. Fake Names (3:44)
      8. Flat Tummy Tea (2:38)

      Side 2.

      1. Situations (2:47)
      2. Giannis (3:22)
      3. Practice (2:44)
      4. Cataracts (3:39)
      5. Gat Damn (2:50)
      6. Education (4:22)
      7. Soul Right (3:27)

      Here it is! This is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2014 collaboration album "Pinata", between Mid-West rapper Freddie Gibbs and DJ & super-producer Madlib. It continues with more of Gibbs' unmatchable, poignant and downright filthy commentary on lifestyle choices of the rich, holding and criminal with his misogynistic humour not necessarily to everyone's taste but hilariously quick, observant and on point throughout much of the LP. Madlib's schitzo-frenetic beats switch up quicker than the 49's backline, full of crate-dug crackle and a historic presentation of blacksploitation in the 21st century.

      Featured artists include:- Pusha T, Killer Mike, Anderson Paak, Yashin Bay & Black Thoughts.


      says: As fiesty, potty-mouthed and charismatic as ever, Freddie Kane returns with Madlib on the dials for another xxxplicit account of modern manhood, street politics and the continuing hip-hop soap opera.


      Freestyle Shit
      Half Manne Half Cocain
      Frime Pays
      Massage Seats 
      Fake Names
      Flat Tummy Tea
      Gat Damn
      Soul Right

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