Lost Souls - Vinyl Reissue

Image of Doves - Lost Souls - Vinyl ReissueImage of Doves - Lost Souls - Vinyl Reissue
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Record Label
UMC / Virgin

About this item

Arriving in 2000, with impeccable credentials (they'd released three beautiful EPs on Casino Records) Doves' debut album was astonishing in its completeness. Deep, doomy but always beautiful, there was a seamlessness to its 12 songs which created a good old-fashioned Proper Album vibe; a record that ebbed and flowed, and a record to lose yourself in. There's a filmic quality to a lot of the sound; a brooding, symphonic, melancholy air which soothes as it grooves. And groove it does: Doves have always had the bottom end well and truly sorted out, and no less than on this, their gorgeous, mellow, darkly comforting debut. What a mix! 


Andy says: Doves’ debut was a stunning, cinematic, beautiful, doomy and heavily melancholic masterpiece. With their Factory Records affiliations, this band were just what Manchester ( and by definition therefore: Music in general) needed after the emptiness of ( latter day) Oasis and the banality of “ Britpop”.


Side A
A1 - Firesuite
A2 - Here It Comes
A3 - Break Me In Gently

Side B
B1 - Sea Song
B2 - Rise
B3 - Lost Souls

Side C
C1 - Melody Calls
C2 - Catch The Sun
C3 - The Man Who Told Everything

Side D
D1 - The Cedar Room
D2 - Reprise
D3 - A House

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