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Mall Of Fortune

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Sultry R&B solo artist Harriet Brown is back with a new batch of fully-realized future funk, a slow-burning dispatch from a dayglo dance floor. The Los Angeles by-way-of-the Bay artist honed his musical chops in church, the birthplace of so many soulful sirens. His first project, "New Era EP" came out in 2014, setting off a firestorm of critical and fan adulation. Who was this bowl cut rocking, falsetto dropping, shiny suit man? He followed up with a bombastic debut album, "Contact", an expertly crafted, extraterrestrial soul rumination on the ways we fail to connect, restart, and try again. It was also a transitional album. Made between the Bay and LA, it’s about the electricity of new connections, the distance of old friends. "Mall Of Fortune" is his second full-length album, an airtight meditation on anxiety, paranoia and indecisiveness – decision paralysis and the free-flowing guilt that follows. The bowl cut is gone, but the shine is intact.


1. Window Shopping
2. Retail Therapy
3. Shower Up, Saddle Up
4. Outerworld (feat. Felicia Douglass)
5. Method
6. Cinnamon Sky
7. Holy Place (Shinin')
8. When You Call My Name (feat. Ana Roxanne)
9. Driver's Seat
10. Hardwalkin'
11. Bag Away
12. Paper
13. Man
14. Take Your Time With Me

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