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The Final Cut (2016) - Vinyl Edition

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Over the past year, Pink Floyd Records has released the entire studio collection as stereo remastered versions on heavyweight 180g vinyl. All are mastered from the original analogue studio tapes with album artwork faithfully reproduced.

Released originally in 1983, ‘The Final Cut’ was another global chart-topper for Pink Floyd. During the Falklands War and the era of Thatcherism, this anti-war concept album explored the themes of fallen servicemen, the loss of loved ones and political betrayal.

This record often gets a raw deal from Floyd heads, but the reality is it's the last great record they made and the last time Gilmour and Waters worked together.


Andy says: Often unfairly overlooked, this record is like The Wall part Two, all bled together and with at least 5 massive tunes( Gunner's Dream, Fletcher Memorial Home and the title track in particular). This time however,songwriter Roger Waters moves from the personal to the political, bringing things right up to date by addressing the then current Falklands War. A superb record.

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