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Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Official Vinyl Repress

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Originally released in 1992 on R&S Records offshoot Apollo, "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" marks the first full length studio album by Richard D. James under his Aphex Twin name. Considered a landmark release in ambient techno, it's easy to see why it has endured. Feathery keys, dreamy production and trickling rhythms are drenched over distant samples from sources as diverse as Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory ("We Are The Music Makers"), Robocop ("Green Calx") and ethereal female vocals on opener "Xtal". Arguably some the most beautifully realised and majestic sounds of the revered musician's career.  The album provided the blueprint for every electronica, downbeat and chill-out record for years after. This is just one of those classic electronica releases that every home should have; melodic, semi-ambient and musical, this is AFX at his most accessible. Essential.


A1. Xtal
A2. Tha
A3. Pulsewidth
B1. Ageispolis
B2. I
B3. Green Calx
B4. Heliosphan
C1. We Are The Music Makers
C2. Schottkey 7th Path
C3. Ptolemy
D1. Hedphelym
D2. Delphium
D3. Actium

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