Spirit Club

Spirit Club

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Record Label
Ghost Ramp

About this item

• Debut release from members of Wavves, Sweet Valley, Jeans Wilder 
• Ten tracks of soaring harmonies over sludgy guitars.

Brothers Joel Williams (Sweet Valley) and Nathan Williams (Wavves), alongside childhood best friend Andrew Caddick (Jeans Wilder), make music about loss that frays at the seams. Soaring harmonies over sludgy guitars and lush production create a sound all their own. “... a wooly slice of surf pop boasting enough fuzz on its fringes to leave listeners just a wee bit dazed.” -ConsequenceOfSound.


1. All The Time
2. Eye Dozer
3. Carousel
4. Bless This Mess
5. Duster
6. Dream On
7. Ripped
8. Still Life
9. Sling
10. Ripped II

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