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Kollektion 04: Bureau B By Richard Fearless - 2CD Edition

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Bureau B

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RICHARD FEARLESS (Death In Vegas) curates KOLLEKTION 4: a compilation featuring a selection of almost 200 Bureau B releases in the past 10 years, released as a 2-CD compilation and three single 1LPs!

About Bureau B and the KOLLEKTION series: Bureau B sees itself as a platform for exciting varieties of electronic, free-spirited music. The spectrum ranges from pop to avant-garde. The label has amassed an impressive catalogue of reissues and new productions in recent years, including classics from the genre of electronic music in the 1970s and early 1980s popularly classified as Krautrock (Cluster, Roedelius, Moebius, Plank, Schnitzler), alongside new recordings by such formative artists as Faust, Kreidler, Roedelius, Tietchens, Moebius, to name just a few. To provide an overview of the various musical styles in which Bureau B specializes, the label has created a new series entitled KOLLEKTION. Each release in this series will be curated by a musician perfectly suited to the task. The fourth instalment in our series fills us with particular pride: Richard Fearless has listened his way through our entire (!) archive and now presents his own very personal selection from the catalogue on two CDs or three LPs.

About the curator of this Kollektion: Richard Fearless is best known as the leader and founder of British band DEATH IN VEGAS. German electronic music can be heard as an influence on many of his albums - indeed even in his song titles, like 'Sons of Rother'. Fearless has worked with Iggy Pop, Bobby Gillespie, Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher and Hope Sandoval and has developed into a successful producer and remixer.

Richard Fearless on his modus operandi:
"I always listen out for music with a sense a space; where compositions are stripped down to the barest components while retaining the power to conjure emotion. It’s for this reason that I’m so drawn to dub, techno and German avant-garde minimalist music. To me the bands and labels in the Bureau B archive, current and past, were looking to distant lands, their own 'Neuland', whether in the future with bands like YOU and Riechmann, or from a more remote past, like medieval folk band Ougenweide. They were creating something radical and experimental, something that didn’t draw on the same rhythm and blues, Anglo-American rock that was saturating the airwaves at the time. They were pioneers in every sense of the word. With all due respect for the music that forged these paths, it was on hearing the mental guitar on Faust’s 'Herbstimmung' that I knew to look not only at the so-called golden years of this era, but to look at what these artists were doing later, as well as the new bands that were emerging from those schools. Artists who are still creating, still innovating. I hope you enjoy the journey." - Richard Fearless.

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