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Van She are back! And indeed back with a bang as they invite you to enjoy their sophomore record, their 'Idea Of Happiness' out now on Modular Recordings.

So uplifting it’s practically levitational, 'Idea Of Happiness' is Van She’s most focused, joyous musical excursion to date. An album stirred by sunbaked travels and fleeting truths, and shaken with the sands of time, 'Idea Of Happiness' was recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves in Kings Cross, Sydney.

Their self-sufficient approach to the record allowed them the time and space to not only fine tune to the nth degree each cymbal splash and crashing wave sample, but also left them free to give ideas the time and space to hang loose. They may have walked a slow, deliberate path to realising album #2 but the result is all the better for it.

The record was mixed in Los Angeles with Tony Hoffer, the perfect man for the job with a resume that includes work with Beck, Air, Phoenix and M83.


1. Idea Of Happiness
2. Calypso
3. Jamaica
4. Sarah
5. Radio Waves I
6. You're My Rescue
7. Tears
8. Coconuts
9. Beat Of The Drum
10. Radio Waves II
11. We Move On

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