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What We Do For Others

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‘What We Do For Others’ is the third studio album by the Austrian producer and synthesizer savant Dorian Concept, famed for his singular, beautifully detailed sonic tapestries and wild, utterly joyful live keyboard jam videos.

It’s a relaxed, quietly confident and intimate record, founded on delightfully loose arrangements, feedbacked soundscapes and blessed with snatches of cryptic vocals that are presented more as additional instrumentation rather than lyrical phrases.

During his distinguished career, Dorian Concept has collaborated with the likes of Thundercat, Flying Lotus,MF DOOM, Mark Pritchard, The Cinematic Orchestra and, most recently, he collaborated with Kenny Beatson his debut album, ‘Louie’.


1.  Out
2.  Let It All Go
3.  Friends
4.  Survival Instinct
5.  You’re Untouchable
6.  The Other
7.  Fever
8.  Birds
9.  Not You Anymore
10.  That Place
11.  Turn Away
12.  Tools
13.  In

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