Magic Touch

Palermo House Gang

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100% Silk

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After three thick years of performances, passport abuse, and pumping, pleasure-principle EPs, Damon Palermo, AKA classic house torchbearer Magic Touch, presents his pinnacle statement to date: 'Palermo House Gang'. Joining forces with a vast cast of collaborators sourced from his intercontinental travels - Octo Octa, Newbody, Benny Badge, The Horses, Sarah Bates, Sorcerer, Ash Williams - Palermo swings and sweats through funky new wave club mixes, freestyle R&B, mesh-top house, freeform hardware workouts and decadent disco for a sprawling celebration of communal motion and dancefloor idealism.

Sustained heavy touring often grizzles musicians into cynical survivalists but it seems to have had the opposite effect on Palermo - these are his most generous, playful and sensual tracks to date. Let go, lighten up, join the Gang.

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