King Prawn

First Offence

Image of King Prawn - First Offence
Record Label
Moon Ska Europe

About this item

King Prawn's debut album finally available again. Originally released by indie label Words Of Warning this reissued album produced by Skunk Anansie's Ace and King Prawn features some of the bands best known songs like "Immigrant Song Too", "Restart" and "Salvation" and highlights the band's unique ska-punk mixed with ragga, dub and hardcore. The CD has been remastered by the band themselves and comes in the originally planned track order. This CD features five bonus tracks, alternative mixes of "Poison In The Air" and "Divine Badness" plus unreleased live studio recordings of "Holy War" and "Winning Again" from the "Poison In The Air" EP recording sessions, as well as a demo recording of the track "Buried Alive". There is also a bonus enhanced video track of a live TV session of "Poison In The Air".

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