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Masters Of The Universe

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After their undying classic album from 2007, Bo Marley are finally back with a vengeance - and a massive ghettoblaster! Always ready to rock your backyard, street corner super market (as done in a legendary surprise attack last year in Leipzig), the Harlev homeboys once again power up their Chariot Of Fire and drop a floor-devastating tape reel here that effortlessly rolls up electrifying beats, short-wired robo-magic and a voltage drenched low-rider bass into one big and long masterpiece. The patented Bo space-lyrics in German/Danish warp mode are again dealing with the big timeless themes of our age: rocking it on stage ("Wir Setzt Den Trend"), rolling along with the Bo Mobile ("Rollen Vorbei"), the joys of driving a scooter ("Mofa Fahren") and Robot Cars ('with volt power - yeah!'). Kaptain Dreck joins the posse for one tune here, with a fistful of rhymes that would even impress He-Man himself. With Fe-tape for Xtra Bass! Be quick - ultra-limited edition. Skeletor need not apply.


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